#CollectionCorner – January 2022 Lego Reveals

I always like this time of year, just waiting to see who I need to hit-up for Amazon vouchers for Christmas so I can splurge on the new Lego wave. In the last few days, we’ve gotten confirmation on at least two sets coming out on 1st January and so far it’ll be a cheapContinue reading “#CollectionCorner – January 2022 Lego Reveals”

Disappointment+ Day

On 1st November, fandom got to see the first look at the upcoming series ‘The Book of Boba Fett’, as the excitement started to settle, a realisation occurred, Disney+ Day is just under two weeks away… We were already promised ‘Under the Helmet: The Legacy of Boba Fett’, a documentary all about the most famousContinue reading “Disappointment+ Day”

And Another One Bites the Dust…

Josh Trank… James Mangold… Colin Trevorrow… Patty Jenkins… What do they all have in common? They got Star Wars cancelled. They all had a film in development and they either got let go (Trank and Trevorrow), it never came to fruition (Mangold) or it got put into the “indefinitely postponed” camp (Jenkins). But why doesContinue reading “And Another One Bites the Dust…”

General Hux: Mistreated or Misunderstood?

Over the last couple of weeks I have rewatched the entire Star Wars Saga, and as I made my way from ‘The Force Awakens’ and into ‘The Last Jedi’ seeing the treatment of General Hux, something many fans have had an issue with. When we first met Hux in TFA, he was a snivelling weaselContinue reading “General Hux: Mistreated or Misunderstood?”

‘Tis The Season To Build Lego 2019 – Day 23

The run-up to Christmas has arrived and with it the all important Advent Calendar. Once again, my Wife, the Saint, the Expert Gifter, the Gift-Giving Goddess has got me the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar and with it she has, once again, also given all of you dear readers 24 days of Blog Posts. TodayContinue reading “‘Tis The Season To Build Lego 2019 – Day 23”

My Star Wars (Life) Reviews – A New Hope

I have really struggled to write this post, but recently I came across a DVD of the theatrical cut of ‘A New Hope’ which I have decided will form the basis of this look at the film and how the various changes made to the film have developed and become a part of my fandom.Continue reading “My Star Wars (Life) Reviews – A New Hope”

Happy 1st Birthday to the Blog!!!

A year ago today I finally got the nerve to post a piece of self-indulgence, the first part of ‘MY STAR WARS LIFE. I had decided to write my auto-biography through a Star Wars prism. My life as it happened around events from what I consider to be the greatest franchise the world will everContinue reading “Happy 1st Birthday to the Blog!!!”

#Justice4Chuck – Some Thoughts

Back on 12th October, Chuck Wendig, the author of the ‘Aftermath’ trilogy, the write of ‘The Force Awakens’ adaptation for Marvel and a writer on some of the Star Wars comics took took to Twitter to announce he has been fired from writing for Marvel Comics, a week after it was announced he would beContinue reading “#Justice4Chuck – Some Thoughts”

My Star Wars (Life) Reviews – The Force Awakens

How does one prepare to watch one of the most anticipated films ever? By binge-eating sweets, drinking coffee and hoping the butterflies in your stomach is actually nerves and not an inconvenient need to go for a poo when the film is mere moments away from starting. That was how I felt three years agoContinue reading “My Star Wars (Life) Reviews – The Force Awakens”

My Star Wars (Life) Reviews – Return of the Jedi

I finally got around to my Return of the Jedi rewatch and I realised how much I had missed this film. It’s so fun and exciting. I had to watch it over multiple sessions, most of which between 6.15 – 6.45 AM when I wake up and lay in bed contemplating the day ahead, whichContinue reading “My Star Wars (Life) Reviews – Return of the Jedi”

Life Debt Podcast Episode XXII – The Resistance, Clone Wars, Podcast and Collection Catch-Up

The latest episode of the Life Debt Podcast is now live. You can listen to it HERE. In this episode I discuss the fourth and fifth episodes of Star Wars: Resistance. I add to the collection on Collectors Corner. I throw my hat in the ring over the Clone Wars Cancellation reasons from when DisneyContinue reading “Life Debt Podcast Episode XXII – The Resistance, Clone Wars, Podcast and Collection Catch-Up”

Kathleen Kennedy: Three More Years!

Three more years! Three more years! Kathleen Kennedy has extended her contract as head of Lucasfilm until 2021!!! That’ll show the haters who think Kathleen Kennedy is doing a bad job running Lucasfilm. From the day it was announced that George Lucas had hired her as his replacement as the head of the company I,Continue reading “Kathleen Kennedy: Three More Years!”

My Star Wars (Life) Reviews – Attack of the Clones

Full disclosure. This is not my favourite Star Wars film. In fact its my least favourite. But I still enjoy it. It’s just that sometimes I’ll struggle to watch it. Take my recent re-watch. I started it a couple of weeks ago. I watched about 45 minutes (around the Anakin/Padme picnic scene) the next timeContinue reading “My Star Wars (Life) Reviews – Attack of the Clones”

#Solo Sunday: The Spoiler Filled Blog Series Part 3

If you haven’t seen Solo: A Star Wars then this is NOT the blog post you are looking for and move along to one of the many great, spoiler free blog posts here. I’ve not been subtle about my live of the film, in fact my two Solo podcasts were just full of adoration, theContinue reading “#Solo Sunday: The Spoiler Filled Blog Series Part 3”

My Star Wars Nerdgasms Part 1 – Secret Cinema

Let’s be honest, 2015 was a massive year for us fans. And as my excitement for The Force Awakens grew, so did my book collection and as my birthday approached, my wife began plotting gifts. And bang, she knocked it out of the park, two tickets to the Secret Cinema: Empire Strikes Back. True toContinue reading “My Star Wars Nerdgasms Part 1 – Secret Cinema”

Solo: A Star Wars Trailer “I have a really good feeling about this.”

You know its important when I actually wake up to my first alarm. New Star Wars trailers fit into that ‘important’ category. I’ll do a breakdown later on, when I’m not having to go to work in half an hour. Firstly – This looks amazing. The heist, western tone is giving me a Firefly flashbackContinue reading “Solo: A Star Wars Trailer “I have a really good feeling about this.””

The Last Jedi Audiobook Review: Or How I Had to Hide at Work So No One Saw Me Cry

I am a recent convert to the world of audiobooks. My wife, Sara, has an Audible account which I have access to and so far this year I have plundered it when i’ve exhausted my podcast library. The other day I asked if she had any spare credits. She did so of course I hadContinue reading “The Last Jedi Audiobook Review: Or How I Had to Hide at Work So No One Saw Me Cry”

Star Wars Lego Review – Resistance Transport Pod

I just finished building this nice little set. Overall it took about an hour (I was taking my time) and I’m pretty chuffed with it as an overall set. At 294 pieces I was actually expecting it to be a bit smaller so I was pleasantly surprised by the overall size, especially as I haveContinue reading “Star Wars Lego Review – Resistance Transport Pod”