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The My Star Wars Life Debt Patreon is back with new tiers and bonus content. Check it out HERE.

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The Life Debt Merch Cantina has reopened its doors, so check out what’s on offer (a couple of designs so far) HERE.

You can now ‘Sponsor a Post’. Head on over to the ‘My Star Wars Life Debt’ Wish List on Amazon and purchase something off of there for me to review, be it a book, comic or a Black Series Figure, it’s totally up to you and I will review it, with a special thanks to the Sponsor in the post and add them to the ‘Thank You’ Page (only once however). Check out the Amazon list HERE. Make sure you let me know who it’s from so you get the credit.

You can this referral link to sign up to Pop In A Box. 10 referrals means a new Funko Pop for the blog to post about one day. Sign up to Pop in a Box using THIS LINK.

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