Solo: A Star Wars Trailer “I have a really good feeling about this.”

You know its important when I actually wake up to my first alarm.

New Star Wars trailers fit into that ‘important’ category.

I’ll do a breakdown later on, when I’m not having to go to work in half an hour.

Firstly – This looks amazing. The heist, western tone is giving me a Firefly flashback and I love it. The Western feel is throughout, the town Solo walks through at the beginning, the bar, Enfys Nest, the fireside handing of the gun, the train job. Amazing.

The actors are all doing amazing work. Ehrenreich as Han is really good, they downplayed him in the last two trailers but this one shows him in fire and with great comedic timing (190 years old? You look great!) and Donald Glover IS Lando. We get to see more of the cast, Emilia Clarke’s Qi’ra seems to have a decent sized role and I hope it’s more than eye candy, she’s brilliant in Game of Thrones and want to see her kick some Imperial ass in this film. A couple more shots of Thandie Newton looking bad ass as Val, L3-3T by Phoebe Waller-Bridge finally gets some lines and action and of course there is Woody Harrelson playing… Woody Harrelson.

The relationship between Han and Chewie seems on-point. The banter we get in this trailer really puts that across. And Chewie is with another Wookiee, Malla perhaps?

The Empire is around but not all over this trailer like the previous ones and what we do see is new enough to not feel stale, in construction Star Destroyer and Range Troopers look great. Was that an AT-ST in the dust cloud thing? Obligatory TIE Fighter shot.

And Thurm Scissorpunch was sat next to Lando in the Sabaac scene. Praise to the Scissorpunch.

Overall a great trailer and I can’t wait to see this film next month.

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