#Justice4Chuck – Some Thoughts

Back on 12th October, Chuck Wendig, the author of the ‘Aftermath’ trilogy, the write of ‘The Force Awakens’ adaptation for Marvel and a writer on some of the Star Wars comics took took to Twitter to announce he has been fired from writing for Marvel Comics, a week after it was announced he would be writing a new Star Wars mini-series called ‘Shadow of Vader’.

The reason for his firing was that the current editor of the Star Wars titles, Mark Pannicia, fired him because of Wendig’s online vulgarity and political rants on Twitter.

Wendig has been on Twitter for many years, longer than his time writing for Marvel, and his actions on Twitter were the same then as they are now, which gives the impression that his firing was more personal than political.

Now, that evening after I heard the news I was quite vocal in my disdain for Marvel’s decision in a Podcast episode I released that night in which I declared I would not be buying any more Marvel comics or watching any of their films (after the controversial James Gunn firing over a tweet almost ten years old). For anyone interested you can hear the episode HERE.

In the aftermath of the situation, Chuck Wendig asked his fans to not boycott Marvel comics, in fact he encouraged us to continue buying them because he didn’t want the situation to affect any other writers/artists at Marvel Comics.

With that in mind I have made some decisions regarding my knee-jerk reaction to the situation, and as such I am reconsidering my position.

I am still unhappy by the events that occurred, both have essentially come about because of angry people on the internet lashing out at people speaking their mind on social media, but by boycotting the things I enjoy I am not only losing out myself I am also playing into the hands of these haters, my only regret is that it took this long for me to realise it.

Does Disney/Marvel need to have a look internally about how they deal with these issues? I think so, but that’s for them to deal with themselves.

What does this mean for me? Yes, I will be getting back into the Star Wars comics. I will be creating content for the blog about the comics which will start coming out in the near future.

I am looking forward to getting back into the comics. I have kept up with some of the stories that have been going on through Podcasts and I really feel I have been missing out on some amazing content, especially the Charles Soule’s recent Darth Vader series.

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