#Solo Sunday: The Spoiler Filled Blog Series Part 3

If you haven’t seen Solo: A Star Wars then this is NOT the blog post you are looking for and move along to one of the many great, spoiler free blog posts here.

I’ve not been subtle about my live of the film, in fact my two Solo podcasts were just full of adoration, the latest of which can be listened to HERE.

Before we get started, I would just like to say that I originally wrote this post on the 11th June and believe it or not the next day, NEXT DAY, three new sets from Solo were announced for Summer release.

Through July, the #Toy Tuesday posts will focus on the three Lego sets from Solo I own (I already reviewed the Battle Pack HERE) so I won’t go into much detail of them here, other than that they are really great sets. This week I will be talking my Solo Lego wish list for the future waves.

With the Summer/Autumn Star Wars Lego sets already revealed which can be viewed at THIS LINK we know that the next time we could get a Solo related set is Winter. But what could they be, here are my theories. UPDATE: Three Solo sets have been announced for summer.

Maurauders Battle Pack – Includes a Swoop Bike with 2 x Range Troopers and 2 x Maurauder mini-figs. Play features could include stud launcher and winch on Swoop Bike and stud launchers for the mini-figs.

Enfys Nest Savareen Stand-Off – Includes Enfys Nest’s Swoop Bike, a second Swoop Bike and a Village Dwelling with Enfys Nest, Beckett, Maurauder and Dryden Vos Bodyguard. Play features could include winches on both Swoop Bikes, stud launchers for mini-figs. This set would be the one that included Enfys Nest with and without the helmet so it would require a separate hair piece.

UPDATE: The Enfys Nest Swoop Set has been announced. It features two Swoop Bikes, Beckett, Enfys Nest and Weazel mini-figs. Info can be found HERE.

AT – Hauler – The AT – Hauler ship with opening cockpit and manoeuvrable wings. Includes Conveyex Container with Val, Rio, Vandor Han, Range Trooper and Maurauder mini-figs. Play features could include winches to lift the container, missile launchers for the ship, interior details of cockpit and Coaxium storage in the Conveyex Container.

UPDATE: This set has been announced as part of the Summer wave. It comes with Rio, Val, Qi’Ra and Dryden’s Henchman. Info can be found HERE.

Conveyex Transport. The cockpit, one carriage with two containers and one carriage with one container (the other comes with the AT – Hauler set). Mini-figs would be Vandor Beckett, Enfys Nest, 2 x Range Trooper, Vandor Chewie (with goggles) and and Imperial Commander. Play features could include different interiors for the containers, one can have a seating area for Troopers, one stores some Viper Probe Droids, an Imperial single person vehicle could be in the third. The cockpit would open up and have a detailed interior. Missile launchers would be included also. The only problem with this set would be how best to display it, the Conveyex is able to rotate around a track so it would be hard to utilise that as a play feature.

UPDATE: This set has been announced as part of the Summer wave. It includes Han and Chewbacca, both with goggles and two Range Troopers. Info can be found HERE.

And finally, a Sabaac Table/Droid Fight Arena. Similar to the Mos Eisley Cantina set from earlier this year, it would have a space for Han and Lando to play Sabaac and also have a second room with separate fighting ring. Mini-figs would be Han and Lando, L3-3T, the Mean Man (Clint Howard), two buildable fighting droids and a fellow Sabaac player (Thurm Scissorpunch perhaps?).

I do hope that Lego do put out more Solo sets despite the films lacklustre performance in cinemas. It’s a solid film and the fan reaction has been very positive. Hopefully the home release will give it a significant bump in earnings so we can get more toys and more Solo films.

UPDATE: Its great that we are getting more sets from Solo, and hilarious that I found out about the three upcoming sets the following day. I would like to see a set with L3-3T and some more Marauders so hopefully we will get some more Solo themed sets in the Winter. It has also been announced that the three upcoming sets will be released on 1st August, not sure if that’s worldwide or specific to a country.

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