Toy Tuesday: Ahch-To Training

This was the set I was desperate for. And it wasn’t released until January this year.

Firstly, it has the first Lego Mini-Fig of post-Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker. To say that it was highly desired is an understatement.

The mini-fig is in the white robes from the end of The Force Awakens and a few scenes from The Last Jedi, and if I were to be picky I would say that this is the wrong outfit for this set and he should be wearing the outfit from the rest of the Ahch-To scenes.

But it’s Luke. Who cares?

Then we get Rey in her end of Force Awakens and most of Last Jedi outfit, or Resistance Outfit as Hasbro coined it when the figure came out. Of course she comes with staff and Lightsaber.

And there is a Lego Porg. Need I say more.

The set itself was a decent build. At 241 pieces it is well detailed and fun. The exterior looks pretty spot on for Luke’s hut from TLJ. The only issue is the door is cloth on the set but in the film it’s made from the wing of an X-Wing. But who will take apart an X-Wing set just to make a door?

The attachment with the spinning ground and boulder play feature can be attached to either side of the hut, depending on preference. The boulder separates to give us a Kyber Crystal, not from the film but a nice play feature.

The interior has a living space for Luke. A kitchen and bed with a bunch of bits and bobs to fill out the kitchen area. Missing are Luke’s relics but at the time of designing this set I’m sure the designers didn’t have a lot of information to go with.

The roof is detachable for easy access to the interior and one play feature emulates the scene where Luke breaks up the scene between Rey and Ben by using the Force to explode the hut. That little black handle on the back can be turned to knock over a section of the wall.

Overall I love this set. The mini-digs are great and as I said before it’s a great build. RRP is £25/£26 but most retailers have it down to £20/£21. Full price for two brand new mini-figs, a Porg and a great build are well worth the price.

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