#CollectionCorner – January 2022 Lego Reveals

I always like this time of year, just waiting to see who I need to hit-up for Amazon vouchers for Christmas so I can splurge on the new Lego wave.

In the last few days, we’ve gotten confirmation on at least two sets coming out on 1st January and so far it’ll be a cheap one for me, with one Battle Pack and a mid-sized set revealed.

According to the always reputable JediJacPenquin site, there are four Battle Pack’s coming out in January, seeing as we’ve not had any Battle Packs since early 2020 (the Mandalorian Battle Pack and Sith Speeder Battle Pack) I wouldn’t be surprised if that rumour is true, however, we have only had one confirmed so far, the ‘Snowfrooper Battle Pack’.

Out of the two reveals, this one is the one I’ll be after. So far in my whole collection I only have two Snowtroopers that came with the #CollectionCorner: Lego AT-AT Set Review, and I’ll not just be getting it for them. The new design for the E-Web Blaster Canon looks really good with what looks like a new missile launcher design which has coloured me very intrigued. The terrain build looks very good and provides a nice detail for display, and of course the Speeder Bike, which looks to be a repack of the same vehicle from the AT-AT set I mentioned earlier.

To go with the Speeder Bike we are also getting a new design for the Scout Trooper, giving the figure more of a Hoth look, which is a nice detail rather than just getting a regular version from ‘Return of the Jedi’, even though we never see one onscreen on Hoth.

However, the price for this Battle Pack is pretty high at £17.99. In the past, these sets have been priced at £12.99 which has always, for me, been an acceptable price for the small build and the four Mini-Figs but the increased price for what we get feels a bit too steep. But I do still really like the look of this set.

The second set, the ‘Hoth AT-ST’ is a 586 piece set for the decent price of £44.99 which is a bit of a steal when looking that the price/piece ratio.

But what sets this apart from the recent versions of the AT-ST?

Well, the design is more reminiscent for the version of the AT-ST that we see briefly in the Battle of Hoth from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ which has a longer cockpit than the version we see in ‘Return of the Jedi’ and this set is no different.

To sweeten the deal, we get a small buildable Probe Droid as part of this set as well the Chewie, Rebel Hoth Trooper and AT-ST Driver Mini-Figs

The more elongated cockpit seems to be quite screen accurate (based on the few seconds of footage), however, seeing as we only see it from the side I can’t be 100% sure of exactly how accurate it is. However, thanks to a mystery post on Reddit we can see some images of the original model used in ‘Empire’ and damn, is this Lego set accurate.

At the start of this post, I was pretty much going to avoid buying either of these, but having taken more time to look at the images, I am now having to convince myself not to buy both on the day of release. The Battle Pack price, as I said earlier just seems a bit high for what we get and I already have three AT-ST sets (‘Rogue One’/‘The Last Jedi’/‘The Mandalorian’ and I don’t feel I can quite justify a fourth one.

I’m hoping we get some more Lego announcements soon, I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of the Battle Packs will be and what the rumoured Razorcrest Microfighter will be like.

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