The High Republic: Heart of the Drengir Part 2 Review

Keeve Trennis is stuck inside the shared consciousness of The Drengir’s Root-Mind, lost and having visions of those she has met previously she encounters a Sith Lord who attacks her in the presence of four statues (which I’m 100% sure are the ones from ‘Into the Dark’). She wakes up from her vision and tries to talk with Maru who is in contact with Avar Kriss who is requesting as many Jedi as possible to meet in Wild Space to attack the homeworld of The Drengir. Keeve wants to go but Maru sends her to an outpost to stop a Nihil attack.

After arriving and getting distracted by glimpses of the Sith Lord from her vision, the Nihil are stopped, Keeve is aided by another Jedi, who Keeve also saw on the vision, although, unlike the Sith she is real. This is our introduction to Orla Jenari, who wields a double lightsaber which is the same model as Dark Rey from ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ that flips open.

Once the two workers from the outpost are safe and the Nihil apprehended, Keeve experiences a vision where The Drengir Root-Mind speaks to her, telling her that the Jedi have lost.

I get the feeling that this issue is that part of the story that starts setting things up for later down the line with the introductions of the Sith Lord within the Root-Mind and Orla Jenari. Her ominous vision at the end also hints at something big happening but this isn’t the place for it to be told (the issue).

I really enjoyed Keeve in this issue, we get to see a flawed side to her which we haven’t really seen before. She’s distracted by what she saw in the Root-Mind and isn’t able to shake the Darkness that The Drengir have left in both her mind but in the Galaxy as she has become connected to them in a way that no one else is.

I’m looking forward to seeing where Scott takes this storyline. We’ve got Keeve and Orla one on side of the story and the whole battle with The Drengir happening elsewhere, which according to Keeve’s vision, isn’t going to end well for the Jedi, although I’m assuming that this is just The Drengir Root-Mind tricking her.

I’m looking forward to seeing more or this mysterious new Jedi, Orla, who we were originally introduced to in early promotional art back when we first learned about ‘The High Republic’, and this new Sith who may be the key to the Dark Side connection of The Drengir. Perhaps he has something to do with those statutes that were filled with Dark Side energy. I hope we learn more about them too.

Another solid issue with great writing and art. We’re being left with more questions and here I am looking forward to learning some answers soon, as I’ve got two more issues loaded on my Kindle App to dive into.

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