The High Republic: Heart of the Drengir Part 3 Review


The explosive final part of ‘Heart of the Drengir’ has landed (a couple of months ago) and boy did it not disappoint!

The battle between the Jedi/Hutt Alliance and The Drengir reaches its peak just as Keeve and Orla arrive on Mulita. Avar Kriss has gone on alone to fight the lead Drengir and as Keeve find her, she has become assimilated by the living plant.

With the rest of the Jedi with her, they reach out through the Force and save Avar, who using her own special power of connecting the Jedi manages to bind The lead Drengir in a Force bubble, stopping it from once again spreading its evil.

The Hutts, unhappy with this turn of events initially try to break the barrier and kill The Drengir but are turned away, vowing revenge against the Jedi.

The celebration is cut short however, when Maru informs the gathered Jedi that The Nihil has attacked The Republic Fair on Valo.

This issue is stunning. The art just leaps from the page, Anindito’s ability to convey so much going on is phenomenal, and in this issue alone are three panels that stand out so well that they are worth the price of admission alone.

I’m a bit gutted however that I read this completely out of sequence, having taken a couple of months off, I read this after ‘Out of the Shadows’, which unfortunately spoilt the defeat of The Drengir, so I knew what was coming on a way, as well as the highly publicised splash page of the two forces engaging in battle. That being said, I’m thankful that the story itself didn’t get spoilt because Cavan Scott really did a great job with the writing here.

I am surprised however that The Drengir threat has been thwarted so early in ‘The High Republic’ story. We are only in the midst of Phase One, Wave Two, with Wave Three arriving in January and the build up of these villains felt like they would be there for the long run, however I get the feeling that moving forward, the writers are focusing heavily on what’s left of The Nihil. And of course, The Drengir aren’t actually dead, the lead Murder Plant is now in a stasis field onboard Starlight Beacon so something could release it back into the Galaxy (maybe something to do with that poster released a week-or-so ago).

I’m really pleased that this story wasn’t dream out, I’m a sucker for huge battles that span hours/pages but Scott and Anindito really do a great job of telling the story and not getting caught up in the glory of battle. It’s like the Kenobi/Maul fight in ‘Twin Suns’. Everyone wanted the ultimate showdown between the two rivals but what we actually got was perfect and I can honestly say that this issue is just that, a perfect end to this storyline.

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