The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer 2


Without giving ANYTHING away, the new Trailer has just gone and blown my already in overdrive excitement to a WHOLE. NEW. LEVEL!

“Razorcrest, stand down!”

The opening takes us to the skies with the familiar shot of the Razorcrest being chased down by the X-Wings as seen in the first trailer. I think we can stop speculating here and determine that Mando is being chased by New Republic forces.

We see the ship enter a snow covered valley and the engine hits the wall, causing the ship to crash land on the snow planet that may or may not be Illum.

We’re back to Nevarro next, with Mando being met by Cara and Greef as Mando explains that he has been “quested” to return The Child to it’s own kind, be that other members of it’s species or the Jedi we still don’t know. He follows this up with a comment about how he needs to find other Mandalorians to help him get The Child to where it needs to go.

A few quick shots of Mando on a speeder bike on what looks Tatooine, Mando outside the crashed Razorcrest on maybe-Illum, then welding something on the ship in the same location.

Then we’re back to the fighting pit, the one-eyed alien and his goons getting taken out by the Whistling Birds, no Baby Yoda closing the crib though (dammit).

Back to new footage, an Imperial Troop Transport flies/falls from a cliff top, inside are Cara and Greef in the cockpit, with Mythrol between them. Probably freed from Carbonite and has some info that they needed. We get shots in a canyon of the Transport being chased by Scout Troopers on Speeder Bikes, with Cara taking one out by crushing them agains the canyon wall.

A few shots of the leads before we get to see them in a facility, possibly Imperial as a door opens, followed by Greef in a gunner seat, possibly in the Troop Transport. Back to the facility interior for a bad-ass walking shot before we get Outland TIE Fighters in the air.

“Here we go!” Mando says as he runs towards the cliff edge before starting his jet-pack and taking flight, probably a part of the canyon chase. I do hope that, if he is carrying The Child, that it’s nice and secure.

I’m not going to dive into wild theories and speculation about the goings on too much, but we can safely assume that the facility will play a major part as well as the snow planet, Tatooine will of course play into the story somewhere and I do have a theory about that having to do with Timothy Olyphant’s character based on rumours from a few months ago.

I do, however have a theory about the Mandalorian Themed Lego Set from the Winter 2021 list I wrote about HERE, the Mandalorian Hero Vehicle that consists of 276 pieces could very well be the Imperial Troop Transport we are in this Trailer. The size would fit the piece count and it could possibly come with Cara and Greef, and maybe even Mythrol. And a Scout Trooper to fight off.

With only 10 days to go, I’m more excited than ever. I can’t wait to see where the story goes and what surprises lie in wait.

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