#CollectionCorner – Winter/Spring 2021 Lego Rumours

Thanks to sites like BRICKFANATICS, the rumours of the next couple of waves of Star Wars Lego has been released and I am suitably underwhelmed.

Three Microfighters sets, Millennium Falcon, Tauntaun vs. AT-AT and an unnamed set. I own two Microfighters, The Ghost and Kylo Ren’s Shuttle, and unless these come with a mini-fig I’m after then I’ll be staying away, although I am intrigued to see this Tauntaun. My gut is telling me that the unnamed set will be a ‘Mandalorian’ themed vehicle, probably a Razorcrest with Mando, it would make sense given that we have it as a set and the upcoming Advent Calendar includes a micro version.

The Younglings will be getting a new 4+ Resistance X-Wing. With the limited number of these sets that have been released, it feels a bit too early to be making a new X-Wing. Granted it’s a Sequel Trilogy version but the last 4+ X-Wing came out last year.

Two buildable helmets will be coming. Darth Vader and the Scout Trooper. I’m not a collector of these, but I hope for those who do that the Vader one is better than the SDCC Exclusive from last year that I thought looked pretty poor from the images that came out. It was only a matter of time for the Scout Trooper set, it’s an interesting design and a fan favourite.

I am very interested to see what the Probe Droid looks like. I have a feeling it will be a similar size as the Prog, Yoda and upcoming ‘The Child’ and I may pick that one up depending on how good it looks.

I wonder if the unnamed UCS set is the Republic Gunship which won the fan vote last year. I’m interested in seeing it but as I don’t collect the UCS sets I will just admire from afar. I would love it if they brought a new standard version out next year some time.

The remaining four sets are a mixed bag. Let’s start with the WTF choices, a ‘Red 5 X-Wing’ which is something we got back in 2018 as a pretty solid set. They only changed that could have been made is to age it up, add some new details and include a Rey mini-fig from ‘The Rise of Skywalker’. Throw in a Force Ghost Luke and a Ben Solo it could be alright but for me it’d be a fourth X-Wing that feels a bit excessive.

Same with the TIE Fighter. Again in 2018 we got a fantastic TIE Fighter as part of the initial ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ wave of sets, quite easily the best version of the vehicle we have had (with the exception of the UCS version), so why do we need another version a couple of years later? I can only think of three possible explanations. Could the name be a placeholder of sorts, filling in for Kylo Ren’s TIE Whisper from ‘The Rise of Skywalker’? Or could it be Ben Solo’s TIE Fighter that he takes to Exogol? Both could make sense and if the upcoming X-Wing is Rey’s from ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ then a Ben Solo TIE would be a perfect pairing, even though it is just a regular TIE Fighter and the big draw would be the Ben Solo mini-fig. The third possibility I have in my head is that it would be a brick built version of the Outland TIE Fighter as seen in the last couple of episodes of ‘The Mandalorian’ featuring Moff Gideon and the Darksaber. Part of me really hopes it is that version.

The third set, which would be another updated set but this time from around six years ago, is the Imperial Shuttle. This makes a bit of sense, Lego do update popular sets to allow for new collectors to get the ones they have missed out on, especially when those sets can fetch a pretty penny on the secondary market, and it would pair nicely with the recent ‘Death Star Dual’ from ‘Return of the Jedi’ that came out in August this year.

And finally, the set that I am most interested in, the “Unnamed Mandalorian Set”. What it is, I don’t know, but given the piece count of 276, it’s not going to be much larger than say, a small Starfighter, like the recent ‘Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter’ or a scene build like ‘Carbon Freezing Chamber’. Whether it’s from Season 1 or 2, I’m very much looking forward to it, and unless Lego go and botch it up really badly then it’ll be top of my list for that wave.

Overall, it’s a fairly mixed bag of sets. I really don’t understand why we are getting new X-Wings and TIE Fighters this soon, especially when there a so many possibilities that haven’t been touched yet.’ With only two sets from ‘The Mandalorian’, as well as the Brick Headz two-pack and the buildable version of ‘The Child’ (which I am avoiding like the plague) so far, surely there’s a tonne of room to play with in that part of the fandom?

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