Star Wars: Issue 2 – The Destiny Path Part 2

The new ‘Star Wars’ run continues this week and Charles Soule keeps the momentum going at a great pace.

This issue continues the conversation about trust between Lando and Leia, he finally convinces her to let him go and try to find Han, she agrees but sends Chewie with him.

They go to Tatooine but are intercepted by a squadron of TIE Fighters which are then destroyed by a squadron of Jabba’s goons. Lando sweet talks they into letting him see Jabba.

Lando tried to win Jabba over but ends up making a deal with the Hutt that means that he needs to go back to Bespin and take back Cloud City.

Meanwhile, members of the Rebel Alliance meet on the frigate where Commander Grek and Leia lay out a plan to use old technology from the High Republic era (wink,wink, nudge, nudge) to help bring tie whole Rebel Fleet together.

Once back with the fleet, Lando convinces Luke to speak to Leia about them going back to Bespin because Luke lost something important there, his lightsaber.

We then see a flashback from when Luke lost his hand and weapon, the story switches perspective to a mysterious robed character who catches the lightsaber…

Well, this is another great issue. The story is flowing brilliantly and in the timeline we are only just passed the events of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. Soule really knows how to write the main characters and keeping the distrust of Lando going is a great addition to the established story and they are of course right for not trusting him given his double, almost triple crossing methods of doing business in this issue.

Luke has his new hand and is training with it, he’s suffering from some serious PTSD to the point where he isn’t able to connect with the Force, a storyline I am really looking forward to being explored in this run.

The story featuring the Rebel Fleet is going to be interesting, seeing as that by ‘Return of the Jedi’ the fleet has grown and is “massing near Sullust.” they have a long way to go to get there. And I can’t be the only one who saw that sneaky little reference to the ‘High Republic’ right?

And who is this mystery lightsaber catching person down in the bowels of Cloud City?

A solid second issue, the art is wonderful and the story just keeps getting better and I’m gutted we have to wait for Issue 3.

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