#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Section 1

For years I had been after this set. No word of a lie, when it was released it went straight to the top of my wish list.

And every time it dropped in price or went into a sale it was always a really inconvenient time so I basically became resigned to missing out on it.

Then after it dropped in price again in late 2019 I shrugged it off and made a comment to Sara that the local Toy Superstore hated me because yet again the price drop was at the worst time (we had to buy a new car).

Then on Christmas Day, I was handed (I use the term loosely) a giant box. As soon as I pulled the first bit of paper off I knew.

And I cried.

Anyway. That night I opened it. And boom, it was like an asteroid hit the floor.

The box contains a lot of numbered bags, between 1 and 10. So I did a bit of sorting and ended up with this.

Which makes the whole set feel a bit more manageable. There are 10 sections, each section consists of (around) four bags, plus two bags of plates, so roughly 42 bags.

The first part of the set you build is a midi-scale TIE Advanced fighter that can seat a mini-fig. It looks a bit blockier than the later version of this that came with ‘Darth Vader’s Castle’ but the differences are pretty minuscule.

The base of The Death Star is the main part of this section and consists of four rooms and a gap in the middle. The four rooms seem to be utilised here more as storage and that’s ok, especially as there are a lot playable sections on the rest of the levels, plus the access to less are going to be limited due to the size of the other floors.

The walls are good and sturdy, quite lucky really seeing as they will be bearing all the weight of the levels above.

This section gives us four mini-figs, Darth Vader, Death Star Droid, Imperial Officer and Imperial Astromech Droid. There is a container on wheels that contains a blaster or sensor gun.

The Vader mini-fig is the same that we have had in the last few years. The Imperial Officer is a new one (to me at least) and comes with some well printed 1970’s sideburns. The Death Star Droid is spot on in terms of accuracy and the printed torso and legs look really good. The Astromech seems to be exclusive to this set and looks really cool with the clear dome and blue and silver details.

A great start to this epic set. When I showed my wife the base she was almost shocked, because this will be the smallest level of the build and it’s only going to get bigger and the next level looks to be a great one.

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