Speculation: The Roadmap of The Rise of Skywalker


I’ve been thinking a lot about the rumoured ‘Flash Fights’ that Jason Ward reported on at MAKING STAR WARS that has Rey and Kylo duelling after the TIE Fighter flip from the teaser trailer and the locations changing around them, which I also wonder that is being teased in the recent Vanity Fair article.

As Jason reported

Basically the environment changes behind the leads as they battle it out with their lightsabers.

What if the fight happens early on, maybe the end of act 1 or beginning of act 2 and the shifting locations act as a roadmap to the eventual face off with Palpatine. Kylo uses the knowledge of the First Order to find their way whilst Rey and co. use C-3PO’s memories to plot their course, eventually the two protagonists (Rey and Kylo) have to join forces to defeat the Emperor once and for all.

I wonder if this becomes an obsession for them both, which would lead the Knights of Ren to either turn on Kylo OR they are the ones who bring him the information to start the journey that leads him to Pasaana where the Resistance are already based.

Perhaps their fights coincides with the chase seen in the Teaser Trailer and it all culminates with the Resistance escaping.

Of course this is all purely speculative, although given the track record of Making Star Wars I think the ‘Flash Fight’ rumour holds some weight.

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