Star Wars Over-saturation

Is there such a thing as too much Star Wars?

Well I’d say that depends on how involved with the stories you are.

You could be the casual fan, watching the films and forgoing the ancillary material.

A slightly less casual fan, watching the films and the TV shows, Clone Wars, Rebels and later this year Resistance.

Major fans, read the books and watching the films and TV series.

Hardcore fans, read the books and comics, watch the films and TV stuff.

Hardcore Obsessed, consuming as much as possible in all mediums and have a full working knowledge of all canon materials.

Personally I’d put myself firmly between hardcore and hardcore obsessive. I feel the need to learn all I can about the timeline but I don’t remember all of it, just most of it.

Why is this relevant to the question about over saturation?

Well, personally I would have to say, depending on your interest level, you could start to get bored of the ongoing releases of stories across different mediums.

We are living in a time where there is more Star Wars readily available. New films every year. Multiple comics series. A new book every few months and until sometime next year at least one TV series. And it’s not showing signs of coming to a stop any time soon.

In the past six months we have had announcements about a new animated series, Star Wars: Resistance, a trilogy of new Star Wars films from Rian Johnson and a series (yes, series) of films from David Beniof and D. B. Weiss, which is rumoured to be at least five films. So we are looking at a minimum of eight films there. Not including Episode IX and the rumoured 2020 ‘Star Wars Story’ film. That makes it at least 10. A whole decade of new Star Wars films. Too much?

In a world where we get multiple Marvel Cinematic Universe films a year can we really say that one Star Wars film a year is excessive?

For the casual fans, I’d say yes. The different films will be taking place in different time periods with new and different characters, making them tough to follow timeline-wise. I am frequently being asked by a couple of casual fans about what films go where. I’m happy to answer but if casual fans are struggling to keep track then is that going to be a bigger problem further down the line? Perhaps. But how would we fix that problem? Star Wars films seem to take about two years to make (I’m talking filming and post-production) so we won’t be getting episodes of a trilogy year-after-year from either Johnson or Beniof and Weiss. The two series will probably alternate and if more films are announced then will we get more than one film a year?

And that’s not including the TV side of things. In the next eighteen months we are going to be getting Season 1 and 2 of Star Wars: Resistance and the first season of Jon Favreau’s live action post Return of the Jedi series and Disney head-honcho Bob Iger has hinted at even more. And we can’t forget about Forces of Destiny.

And with all of these new timelines and characters and planets we will be getting more novels and comics set across the galaxy. Making book shelves across the world bend and snap under the weight of the new canon.

Is it too much? I’m sure the abundance of Star Wars will start to wear down the fans. Do we have to be fans of every aspect? No. But we will try to be. But sooner or later will we be thinking ‘enough-is-enough’. I hope not, but I’m sure some will.

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