#Toy Tuesday – Millennium Falcon (2018)

When the first wave of Solo: A Star Wars Story Lego sets were announced I immediately asked my wife to get me this for my birthday (with help from other members of the family). It was an immediate must-have. I love the TFA Millennium Falcon set and I love the new design of the Falcon from Solo, so after a couple of months of asking me if I was sure, my birthday and around and there it was.The Kessel Run Millennium Falcon has an RRP of £149.99 for 1414 pieces, 6 mini-figs and a buildable droid. Slightly more than I would be happy to pay but as it’s a Star Wars set I always expect a bit of a mark-up in the piece to price ratio.The set comes in 10 numbered bags, some loose large plates and engine tube, a ticker sheet and a decent sized instruction manual.The first bag gives us our Han Solo and Kessel Droid mini-figs and the full base of the ship. The second bag, however builds some of the interior layout of the ship.Bag 3 adds more details to the interior as well as the structure for the attachment of the forward mandibles and the central column, inside which the removable gunner seats go.Bag 4 adds the front walls as well as the cockpit (I couldn’t wait to put Han in the pilots seat). Up to this point we’ve not had any new mini-figs except for those in Bag 1 and I was getting somewhat impatient (I was building it over a few days) although it’s at this point that I feel the set is really starting to take shape.Bag 5 is about the rear walls and engine housing which holds the blue tube that represents the engine glow.Bag 6 fleshes out the structure of the cockpit and some details on the outer hull of the ship. We finally get the new Chewie mini-fig and the buildable droid.Bags 7 and 8 finish the majority of the outer hull with all of the details, including the radar dish and gun turrets.Bag 9 finishes the Millennium Falcon we all know and love. We also have Lando and Quay Tolstite mini-figs.The final bag finishes the ship with the new escape pod and the Qi’Ra mini-fig.I love this set so much. It really captures the new (old) design of the Falcon with is Lando flair whilst still feeling familiar and fun to build.We also get an idea of the interior of the escape pod and the design behind it, but I do wonder how much is creative licence from the Lego designers because it’s not like we see it in the film properly.Lando has a bar!!!Han and Chewie, off to meet a big time gangster who’s putting together a crew.Even though it is a very similar build to the TFA Lego Falcon I loved building this just as much. This is my favourite ship from the franchise so I think I would love building any Falcon set that came my way. The mini-fig selection is great. I would have liked an L3-3T instead of one of the Kessel droids but if they put all of the lead characters in one set then why would we buy the other sets? Other than building the collection that is?Thank you for visiting My Star Wars Life Debt.If you have enjoyed this blog, please like/share/comment/follow.If you would like to contribute to the upkeep of the blog please visit the Patreon page here.

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