My Star Wars Nerdgasms Part 3 – Identites

Back in February of 2017, my wife and I went to London to visit family and to go to an exhibition at the O2 Arena.

Star Wars Identities was in London and we had been given money for the tickets for Christmas. What better for my heavily pregnant wife to walk around one of the biggest nerdgasm’s I have ever had (she has been involved with my three biggest, lucky woman).

We were given wristbands that we had to scan at certain points and answer questions and it would create a Star Wars character, and this was all surrounded by costumes, props and production artwork.

I could list it all here but I’ll save the boredom, but I’ll give you a rundown of the feels and some highlights.

Obviously I was in awe. One of the first displays had an Original Stormtrooper, a First Order Stormtrooper costume, BB-8, Artoo, Threepio, Boba Fett and more to boot. Of course I start pointing out the most innocuous information about Stormtrooper helmets to my wife. You could hear her eyes rolling.

In another room a huge cabinet was full of ships. There was a Star Destroyer! A blooming Star Destroyer. That thing was huge! Luke’s X-Wing from ANH, his Snow Speeder from ESB. All the ROTJ Starfighters, Mon Cal cruiser, Slave 1. In another cabinet the Millennium Falcon, I got a picture of me with it.

I took a couple of selfies, one with ROTS Chewie and one with ROTJ Vader.

There was an incredible amount of original Ralph McQuarrie artwork. Lots of Vader sketches and the Emperors throne room ideas.

Oh, and an original Yoda puppet.

It was truly an amazing experience that I can’t recommend enough to anyone who gets a chance to go.

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