#Solo Sunday: The Spoiler-Filled Blog Series – Part 1

If you haven’t seen Solo: A Star Wars then this is NOT the blog post you are looking for and move along to one of the many great, spoiler free blog posts here.

I’ve not been subtle about my live of the film, in fact my two Solo podcasts were just full of adoration, the latest of which can be listened to HERE.

What did I love about it?

It was a great, fun film which just so happened to be set within the Star Wars universe. I honestly think it it wasn’t a Star Wars film I would have enjoyed it almost as much. It’s funny, full of adventure, great characters and a good story, what more could a movie-goer want?

Is it my favourite Star Wars film? No. Empire Strikes Back still wears the crown in my eyes but it doesn’t need to be. It doesn’t need to break new ground like The Last Jedi did, like it or love it TLJ had a lot of work to do with the new characters, old characters and continue the Saga. Not an easy job really.

All Solo had to to was tell the story of a young man trying to find his place in the galaxy (if you boil it down) and does so in a highly entertaining way.

It has been said before, this could easily be the first part in a series of young Han Solo Adventures and I would be first in line to see them. I love Alden Ehrenreich’s young Han and his interactions with the other characters. Of course Chewie, Joonas Suotamo is amazing, I never thought anyone would do as good a job as Peter Mayhew but I was wrong. Joonas is just as much Chewie as Mayhew now and long may it continue. The scene where Han is thrown to ‘the Beast’ and it turns out to be Chewie is amazing. When Han speaks Shyriiwook to tell Chewie his plan to get out was great.

The growing bond between them is great to watch play out, from the scene on the AT Hauler where Han finds out his name, to Han giving Chewie weapon in the Kessel Mines all the way to Han shooting Beckett to save his Wookiee friend.

Qi’Ra is a great addition to the Star Wars universe, I found it hard to trust her at the start, does she really have feelings for Han or is she just playing him for a chance to escape Corellia. We know that Han has genuine affection for her which is his driving force for joining the Empire for a chance to return to Corellia and save her.

When Han meets her at Dryden Vos’ little shindig he’s over the moon to see her. She has to play it cool because of her position and you can tell that Vos has somewhat of a thing for her. The question is does she keep playing with Han to get the job done? It’s hard to tell really. I think the only genuine thing she said to him was after she tells him to save Chewie from Vos that thinking about going on adventures with him made her smile whilst she was doing the things that would make him look at her differently.

When she plays Vos and ends up killing him, I doubt it’s to really save Han’s life, but she’s looking out for herself really. She’s making her way up through the ranks of Crimson Dawn and now she has an audience with the head-guy himself, Darth Maul.

Lando is perfect, the right level of cool and suave and just plain awesome. Donald Glover made all the right choices when playing the character, his relationship with L3-3T is brilliant and the are they/aren’t they dynamic add a great comedic layer to the film that we’ve never had in a Star Wars film before. L3 is not like any Droid we have had before, all the others have in some way served but L3 doesn’t and you can tell that when her and Lando are alone, she’s the one in charge.

I love the fact that L3 becomes part of the Falcon. In The Last Jedi novel there is a passage where R2 is communicating with one of the droid brains in the ship, the one who likes bawdy jokes and doesn’t like C-3PO. I wonder why, 3PO doesn’t exactly line up with L3’s ideas on Droid Rights. L3’s integration with the Falcon really makes moments from the Original Trilogy mean a whole lot more. During the Death Star escape Han says to the ship “Hear me baby, hold together.” Is he actually talking to L3? As Kyle Newman points out in the ‘Steele Wars Live Solo Reaction Podcast’ in Empire Strikes Back, the Falcon directs them to Bespin, to Lando. L3’s at it again. Even the sound of the ship changes to the one we know when she is integrated.

Han may be our eyes and ears through the Underworld in this film but Tobias Beckett is our guide. He teaches Han what he needs to know about this criminal life he has undertaken by signing up with Beckett.

Beckett gives Han and Chewie advice from who you can and can’t trust (trust no one), who will and won’t betray you (everyone could betray you, don’t be disappointed), always think a few moves ahead and that you should always pay your debts or someone will kill you.

Beckett spends the film telling us what is going to happen. Trust no one and you will be betrayed. Beckett betrays Han and the group by telling Dryden Vos about their plan with Enfys Nest to take the Coaxium and the money and run. What’s in it for him? More money. And what happens when he finds out he’s been played a little? He makes a new plan, after shooting Vis’ goons because he was thinking and ‘I like to be the only one with a gun when I do.’

Beckett has a history in the Underworld, his crew knows Bossk and other scoundrels they could work with to get the job done. He was also involved in the death of famed bounty hunter Aura Sing, but he ‘only pushed her, the fall killed her.’ Yes, Beckett is also blessed with great wit and comedic timing.

Of course, Han shoots him after Beckett took the Coaxium and Chewie hostage, but there were no hard feelings, it’s what Beckett would have done. When Beckett claims he’s leaving for Tatooine to meet a big time gangster I did hope that he would pop up in another Solo film because I really liked this character but when he was revealed to be Vos’ informant it came as no surprise.

This post has run away with me and I’ve barely covered my adoration so keep your eyes peeled for the next one.

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