Darth Vader: War of the Bounty Hunters Part 5 Comic Review

After being sent to deal with the Hutts, Vader returns to The Executor empty handed whilst Ochi has brought Sly Moore aboard in chains. As Vader is given an army to eradicate Crimson Dawn, Ochi goes to enlist members of the Assassins League and reveals his true allegiance.

As the Hutt fleet get hold of the Lambda Shuttle carrying Solo, Palpatine orders Vader to deal with the crime lords personally. Vader kills all of the Hutts on board their flagship but as Bokku dies the ship explodes. Fortunately Vader survives (surprise) by using the Force to create a shield of metal around himself.

On the Executor, Mas Amedda mocks the prisoner, Sly Moore as Vader returns and proceeds to Force Choke Moore when Palpatine appears as a hologram. He orders Vader to wipe out Crimson Dawn before they become even more powerful.

Vader sends Ochi to meet his former associates and learns that they have captured Qi’Ra. Ochi kills the three assassins and frees the head of Crimson Dawn, revealing that he has been working for her the whole time.

And that’s it for me. The towel has been thrown in and my disappointment shall be known.

I really did not enjoy this issue. The first half rehashed elements from the Mini-Series to an overwhelming degree. I’ll not complain about the change in perspective for it but I didn’t need to see the whole Hutt slaughter with the subsequent cheap “blow Vader up” tactic that we all know isn’t going to happen.

The second half of the issue definitely tries to bring the arc to a satisfying conclusion but feels rushed, with Vader’s attempt to kill Sly Moore being interrupted by a conveniently timed holo from Palpatine who sends Vader off on another mission.

The double crossing plot involving Ochi feels cheap and tacked on to put a mole into Vader’s inner circle. What would have been more of a shock would have been Sly Moore herself.l and could have made more of an impact. Her fate is still undecided in the grand scheme of the saga, however Ochi returns to work for Palpatine and his followers so are we getting a double-double cross here?

Whilst the story pacing feels all wrong, the art in this issue is stunning and is the true highlight of the run. However the great art isn’t enough to keep me buying this series.

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