Luke Skywalker and Grogu: Master and Apprentice

Since last December, Star Wars fans have been asking the same question, “What happens to Grogu now he’s with Luke?”, which often is followed up with “Did Kylo kill Grogu when he destroyed the Jedi Temple?”

Both are fair questions (the second however is flawed as ‘The Rise of Kylo Ren’ comic series revealed that Ben didn’t actually destroy the Temple and only killed a couple of students).

For me, I do not believe that Grogu had anything to do with Luke’s Temple, which he didn’t start until Ben was in his early-to-mid teens, probably around eight-to-ten years after the events of ‘The Rescue’.

Roughly, according to the book ‘The Legend of Luke Skywalker’, and the Luke mission on ‘Battlefront 2’, he spends those early years after the death of Palpatine searching for any shred of knowledge about the Jedi, learning as much as he can to that he could become a better Jedi and eventually a Jedi Master. It’s at this time that Luke and Grogu meet.

As we learned in ‘The Jedi’, Grogu already has Jedi Training but has suppressed his abilities to keep him safe whilst the Empire was the ruling power and the majority of the Jedi had been killed, but instinctually he can use the Force (‘The Child’) and his confidence grows, using his powers to protect Din Djarin (‘The Child’, ‘The Reckoning’ and ‘Redemption’) but as Luke says, “talent without training is nothing.” By this, I don’t believe Luke will be giving Grogu any formal Jedi training, Luke’s not ready himself to undertake that responsibility, but perhaps he will guide Grogu is mastering those abilities and strengthening his connection to the Force, like I said, Grogu already has the foundation and all he really needs is some fine tuning.

I can’t picture Luke and Grogu heading off around the Galaxy like a Master and Apprentice from the Prequel era, but rather a more intensive boot-camp, allowing both of them to learn, because, let’s not forget, Grogu is the only character Luke has met (that we know) who was a member of the Jedi Order other than Yoda and Ono-Wan, and they didn’t really teach him about the Jedi of the past other than that they were the “Guardians of peace and justice of the Old Republic.”

When Grogu returns to Din, and we all know he will, however long that may be, I don’t think we will be seeing the kind of Jedi we are used to from the Prequels, I think we will be seeing a Force User who chooses the path of the light, much like Ahsoka and by the time Luke begins his Jedi Academy, Grogu and Luke will have parted ways, Ben may well have never met him, or if he did it could well have been as a child when Luke was visiting Han, Leia and Ben at some point.

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