#CollectionCorner – The Razorcrest Lego

It’s with extra special thanks to my wife Sara that this post is possible.

After hunting online for this in all the usual places (Lego, Amazon, Smyths Toys) and coming up empty handed in the run up to Christmas, I had resolved myself to the fact that I wasn’t going to be getting this set until the new year. Was I disappointed? Yes. Out of all the current sets, this was my grail, in fact, it’s the only set I could say that about since getting The Death Star last year.

But my wife, who didn’t want to lose the title of ‘Gift Giving Goddess’ after last Christmas’ Death Star reveal went to work.

And thanks to her intrepid E-Bay skills, mere days before Christmas she bid her final bid and beat out almost 50 other people, throw in a 20% discount voucher, she ended up paying just over the £120 price.

Of course, she tricked me on the day, packing the instructions and the first Bag in a mid-sized box. Let’s just say I was just as surprised as last year. And when she directed me to the box I got an even bigger surprise, the name on the box ‘The Razorcrest’, rather then the Copyright inflicted name ‘The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Transport’. Whilst not a huge difference, it added something a bit more special.

Naturally, I started building as soon as I could.

The set is made up of 1023 pieces, which come in six bags (and a loose canopy piece) with a sticker sheet for added details.

Bag 1 contains the base of the ship. At this point I had no clue which was the front of back given the design of the ship, it does however give us a look at how the ship will be put together, with Technic pins and supports showing.

Bag 1 also gives us the first two mini-figs for the set, Din Djarin himself with his Ambien Phase Pulse Blaster and a Scout Trooper with Blaster. Mando comes in his Chapter 1 & 2 armour with cape. Leaving the Beskar clad version for this years ‘Trouble on Tatooine’ set.

The ship’s layout becomes clear with Bag 2. Detail for the lower deck is built and the top deck is added, including the cockpit. Again there are quite a bit of Technic parts to put the ship together securely, and it’s very secure to say the least.

And we also get the cutest mini-fig ever, The Child (according to the packaging, seeing as his name hadn’t been revealed yet). He has a soft, rubber like head on hip of a plastic body. The details in this are really good given the size and I’ve had a hard time prying him away from my daughter.

The Third Bag gives us a bit of the top hull of the ship, leaving space for the canopy and the middle section. We get a couple of stickers to add the details on either side of the canopy. There’s not a whole lot of greebling here, but the detail is still very, very good and screen accurate. Granted, not many ships need a lot of greebling other than The Millennium Falcon. We also get the IG-11 mini-fig. Which is essentially IG-88. This is probably my one disappointment with the set, as they could have easily altered the design to make him more screen accurate. Three landing gears are added so the ship doesn’t rest on its base when landed.

Bag 4 puts the bulk of the outer hull together at the front and the lower portion of the ship. All of which are connected with clips at the bottom to allow the set to open up to access the interior, which includes a pair of Carbon Frozen Bounties for Din Djarin to deliver to Greef Karga (one of which is Mythrol from Chapters 1 and 12). The design is spot on and looks great.

Bag 5, the smallest of all the sections, builds the canopy in two sections, the back is hinged and opens to reveal a pair of clips to store weapons, the front half lifts away completely and gives access to the seats in the cockpit. The middle part of the top hull is put together in the form of a one-mini-fig escape pod. The main part of the pod fills the missing section nicely and has some nice little details with the two thrusters. The lid of the pod has the outer hull detail and slides on easily.

We also get Magistrate Greef Karga in his Season 1 attire along with his two blaster. It’s well detailed and gives us two expressions, a smug grin and the other grim determination.

The sixth, and final section is the two large engines. Using a large sticker on each, they are solidly built and have some decent detail, especially with the individual flaps that go around the intakes.

Overall, this has got to have been one of my most enjoyable builds in the past year. Taking away the stress of taking apart and rebuilding a pre-owned set (I’m still building The Ewok Village) and the sameness of building new version of older sets (Millennium Falcon, X-Wing and TIE Fighter), tackling a whole new design has been wonderful (not to say that building the other sets wasn’t great).

The selection of mini-figs is accurate but somewhat lacking. I have been clamouring for a Kuill mini-fig since the series came out and it would have fit perfectly with this set, and a more a more screen accurate IG-11 would have worked well too. The Mandalorian was always going to be part of this set, and it didn’t matter which version we got. Greef Karga is a great addition. Whilst not mini-figs, the addition of two Bounties in Carbonite is a very welcome added detail, especially Mythrol. The second Bounty isn’t a named character but it looks remarkably like D.J. from ‘The Last Jedi’.

With some interesting building techniques, good mini-figs and fantastic detail, The Razorcrest is a brilliant set, a fun build and a very welcome addition to the collection. I just hope that my daughter doesn’t take inspiration from Chapter Fourteen (when it gets destroyed). Now I’ve just got to go and move the Grogu mini-fig to a more inaccessible location.

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