Doctor Aphra: Fortune and Fate Part 5

The first arc draws to an enjoyable and an incredible ‘Indiana Jones’ style conclusion.

Now on Canto Bight, Aphra and her crew are the Prisoners of Ronan Tagge, who gets to do a Bond-Villain style monologue about why he wants to destroy the Rings of Vaale (bit of a pain-in-the-ass Kid who is living in his family’s shadow). Aphra, knowing he also want to kill Professor Okka so that all knowledge of the Rings would be destroyed. Aphra sets it up so that Tagge would attempt to destroy the Rings and Okka together whilst testing the Rings powers of eternal life and fortune.

Tagge throws Okka into a disintegration chamber that her Droid TA-148 has accessed and decreased the chambers power. Believing the deception, Tagge takes the rings from Okka and is thrown into the chamber. Aphra resets the chamber and activates it.

The crew escape whilst Lucky, seeing something going on in Tagge’s apartment makes his way there to find the body of Ronan Tagge, still alive but severely injured.

Aphra and her team discuss the recent events and lack of evidence, but Okka’s Droid had made some detailed scans of Vaale and took some souvenirs to prove its existence.

Meanwhile, Lucky visits Ronan’s Aunt, Lady Domina who wants revenge on Aphra.

Whilst being fairly confined to Ronan Tagge’s Penthouse, there’s enough action to make the scope feel much grander. Tagge’s juvenile attitude really plays to the forefront here, his entire plan for the rings is essentially to destroy them in an effort to be noticed and taken seriously as a member of the prestigious Tagge family, but really it comes across as a whiny brat who wants his own way. I’m hoping that if (when) he returns, he’s dropped that element of his personality and comes back as a much stronger villain. I’m not saying he’s a bad villain, he’s exactly what we needed for this particular story but with him surviving it really gives Alyssa Wong a chance to play around with the character and give him some growth, even if it is to make him more villainous.

We get a rare opportunity to see Aphra’s softer side when she talks to Okka about why she threw Okka under the bus, Aphra will always be a shady character, there’s no getting around that but she does have that soft, caring side that doesn’t always get to come out, but when it does it’s lovely. My hope is that, one day the character gets a chance to fully let that side out but that won’t be for a while because there are plenty more stories to tell about the shady rogue archaeologist.

The arc overall has been great, a slap-dash mix of ‘Indiana Jones’ with a ‘Star Wars’ twist with Tagge being an excellent representation of Julian Glover’s Walter Donovan from ‘The Last Crusade’ but a healthy dose of horror manages to keep the story fresh and as always a cute Droid to save the day in a moment that reminded me of when Jon Osterman is blasted in the radiation chamber that transforms him into Dr. Manhattan in ‘Watchmen’.

A successful first arc for Aphra’s new creative team, and the next arc looks to be a heavy one for our beloved anti-hero, with Domina Tagge after revenge and the return of Sana Starros. Very exciting.

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