#CollectionCorner – Lego Obi-Wan’s Hut

Continuing the fantastic (unofficial) series of ‘home’ sets which started with ‘Ahch-To Training’ and followed by the latest version of ‘Yoda’s Hut’, we now have a new set based on ‘Obi-Wan’s Hut’ from ‘A New Hope’.

The box contains two numbered bags and the instructions. There are no stickers included in the set, there only uses would have been for the Training Remote and a single keypad for a doorway but both are printed.

Bag 1 builds the central part of the Hut, featuring a few seats, a small kitchen and a pair of tables. The roof area is nicely detailed across the top and the interior nicely recreates the areas of Obi-Wan’s home we get to see in the film.

We also get the first two of four mini-figs, Obi-Wan Kenobi and a Tusken Raider. Now I get why we have an Obi-Wan mini-fig here, honestly the set would be somewhat redundant without him, but the Tusken? I get the connection, they have a moment together (sort of) but really it feels like they were trying to fill space.

The second bag add the two sides of the Hut. Both sides are used as small storage areas. One for parts that make up the Training Remote and the other side holds the chest that Obi-Wan was keeping Anakin’s lightsaber to give to Luke (and the Training Remote itself).

One brilliant piece that is added in the section is the mini-hologram of Leia that stands on top of one of the tables. Despite its small size you get enough detail to know is who it is and it’s a wonderful addition.

When the Hut is closed, it feels mildly disappointing. It’s quite small, which isn’t an issue but the exterior really isn’t very screen accurate, especially where you see the crate half outside and the kitchen units that are so exposed it’s a wonder how his home hasn’t been raided continually. It really feels like this is a set to be displayed open, which could have been the intention of the designers but it doesn’t really give collectors much of a choice.

This bag also gives us the Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 mini-figs. I like how they gave us a Luke figure even though the sister set, the revamped Landspeeder already comes with one as it gives us a choice to buy one or both (although that poncho would look good in the collection). The R2 mini-fig looks like it’s had some new details added to the print, but I would have to do a more in-depth comparison before I could be sure.

Overall, a decent little set that recreates an iconic scene from the Saga. Not without its flaws, but well priced and an enjoyable build.

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