#CollectionCorner – Lego Black Ace TIE Interceptor

It has been so long since I did any Lego and when I finally got to sit down and build this it made me so happy, especially because this set has been sat in my office for what feels like an eternity.

The Black Ace TIE Interceptor has an RRP of £39.99 and has 396 pieces. So already it’s winning on the price/piece ratio in my book, but I was able to get it on Amazon in a deal for £29.99 so it is getting reduced.

The box contains three numbered bags, the instruction book and a small sheet of stickers.

Bag 1

The first bag builds the cockpit. This is the most sticker heavy part of the build with four decorating the top of the cockpit alone.

What I find interesting is that it doesn’t resemble a TIE cockpit (except the window), it resembled Yoda’s Starfighter than anything else. But that aside it’s well designed with a decent interior for someone to sit.

We also get the Poe Dameron and BB-8 mini-figs. Why those two? I have no idea. Yes they star in the show but there are plenty of new characters they could have added. BB-8 is the standard version whilst Poe has had a redesign of the torso, which had details printed on Orange but this time around the base paint seems to be white.

Bag 2

So now we get a sense of the size of the build. The wings are incredibly long and look great. They main part of the wings is dark grey but the use of the white and light grey pieces really give the wing a striking look, and of course there is the pre-requisite missile launcher.

Bag 3

Bag 3 gives us the second wing and some extra details such as the pylons on either side of the cockpit and the connection between the two wings.

We also get Griff Halloran, the former TIE Pilot who now pilots Black Ace. His details are really good and the helmet looks brilliant, with the skull detail painted on. The hair-piece can be removed and replaced with the helmet, which looks good but you need to tilt him forward in the cockpit so the helmet doesn’t come loose on a wedge piece behind him.

If you take away my thoughts on the mini-figs (Poe and BB-8, why?) this set is great. It’s interesting enough that it doesn’t get repetitive on the wings and it’s a decent size so it doesn’t feel overpriced and it’s incredibly well detailed.

I just hope that sometime next year we do get more ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ sets to round out the ships from the series.

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