Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Mission 3: The Observatory

As I have recently gotten back into gaming after getting a new XBox One S this past week I’ve gone and gotten back into Battlefront 2 in a big bad way.

There will be spoilers for the game so be warned if you haven’t played it yet.

The result of this is I will now do some writing about each of the levels as I make my way through the game. This time I will go through Mission 3 – The Observatory.

The Premise – Del is sent to Pilio, where a building called ‘The Observatory’ that had some importance to The Emperor is locates. Del’s mission is to destroy it.

On Pilio, a familiar R2 unit watches as the Empire arrives on the planet, a few beeps and boils and Luke Skywalker steps forward.

From here you play as Luke Skywalker, making his way across the planet, taking out Stormtroopers using your lightsaber and force abilities until you come across Del who is encased in some weird bug slime that hardens like concrete.

Once Del is free the two work together to reach the Observatory, at time when Del is working on some mechanical doohickey it’s your job as Luke to protect him from the onslaught of bugs that attack.

Once in the Observatory, Del realised that, after the door can only be opened using the Force that the Emperor was in fact a Force user and before he blows the place up according to his orders, Luke asks if he can take a compass he has been drawn to by the Force. Del allows it and they go their separate ways.

The Gameplay – To allow the player to fully enjoy playing as a hero character the vantage point is set as 3rd person, like when using heroes in the multiplayer levels. Aside from that the gameplay is the same as the rest of the levels.

Easter Eggs – This mission has a lot of them which is great fun. Firstly, this is set around the time of the Shattered Empire mini-series which has Luke travelling to various Imperial installations looking for Jedi Artefacts, the compass he picks up in this level is later shown in The Last Jedi in Luke’s hut on Ahch-To.

The bugs you encounter are very similar, if not the same as the ones that Thrawn and Vader encounter on Battu in ‘Thrawn Alliances’ which manage to slow Vader down during a fight in a bar.

Del also talks about that as a youngster the Imperials taught children that the Jedi were evil and is shocked to learn that Palpatine was in fact a Force user.

It’s a fun level, running around killing stuff with a Lightsaber and full of stuff for fans but I have issues. I’m not a fan of the Luke model and the voice actor could do a better job. I would have liked to get Mark Hamill back for it. He voiced an episode of Forces of Destiny, couldn’t he have done this too?

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