The Mandalorian – What do we know?

The first official picture from the upcoming Star Wars Live Action series was released hours ago and by god it looks good.

This past week has been filled with news and rumours about ‘The Mandalorian’ so let’s do a quick run-down of what we know so far…

At the U.S. Premiere of ‘Solo’, Jon Favreau announces that the series would take place seven years after A New Hope, making it three years after Return of the Jedi.

Making Star Wars. Net showed pictures of the sets being built and revealed that filming would start on 1st October. Another rumour was that actor Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones) had been cast in the series (still unconfirmed).

Then this week Favreau took to social media and revealed the premise and the title…

And then, with the picture we got the list of Directors for the series.

Dave Filoni on Episodes 1 and 5.

Rick Famuyiwa on Episodes 2 and 6.

Deborah Chow on Episode 3 and 7.

Bryce Dallas Howard on Episode 4.

Taika Waititi on Episode 8.

This list of directors is phenomenal. Filoni is a Star Wars legend. Waititi has a great style. I have seen some of Chows TV work and it’s phenomenal. I have yet to see any of Famuyiwa’s work or and of Howard’s directorial work but they have both got extensive careers and given the calibre of the others then I have every ounce of faith in Lucasfilm’s decisions.

It’s out next year on Disney’s forthcoming ‘Direct to Consumer Service’ and I’m getting more and more excited everyday.

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