#Solo Sunday – The Finale – The Original Soundtrack

I have listened to the Solo: A Star Wars Story soundtrack by John Powell a few times and it is high on my list of favourite Star Wars Soundtracks. John Williams has set a very high bar for any other composers who work within the Star Wars franchise with his scores for the saga films, the themes are universally known and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t hum or whistle one or two different themes whilst going about my day-to-day life.Outside of Williams, we have had Kevin Keiner compose all the music for the Clone Wars film and series and the Rebels series and his work is phenomenal, Michael Giacchino worked on the Rogue One soundtrack with only four weeks to write and record the whole score and he did brilliantly and as I have already said, John Powell knocks it out of the park.Where Giacchino toes the line of using any of the already known themes from John Willams’ soundtracks (with the exception of the Imperial March a couple of times) Powell uses them throughout his score and uses them beautifully. Two of my favourite tracks are ‘L3 & Millennium Falcon’, I seriously get goosebumps when the Falcon theme plays when Han first sees that magnificent ship and ‘Reminisce Therapy’ which has themes from ANH and ESB melded beautifully together. The original Imperial fanfare from A New Hope starts the track which encompasses both the TIE Fighter Escape theme and the Asteroid Belt Chase theme together to give us a fun and exciting theme to the Kessel Run. Using older themes for the Kessel Run is a great idea. Fans have been wondering about the Runnfircyears now and I doubt that any new music would really sit well with the fandom but using these iconic themes really hits home with the fans.John Williams contributed a brand new theme for the film specifically for Han Solo. When I first saw the film I couldn’t figure out what the theme was but after listening to the theme itself and then then soundtrack its easily playable throughout. I liken the soundtrack as a whole as an album of great driving music, I won’t lie but I have put the soundtrack on whilst driving and really gotten into it.It’s a great soundtrack, John Powell has done a fantastic job. It’s full of themes we know but gives us a lot of new and memorable themes. Enfys Nests theme is a stand out new track and the Han and Qi’Ra theme will one day give Across the Stars a run for its money.The only track that I really don’t enjoy is the musical number from Dryden Vos’ party, called ‘Chicken in the Pot’. Not that the track is bad but it doesn’t fit in with the soundtrack as a whole.This ends the run of #SoloSunday posts, thank you for reading this limited series of posts.Thank you for visiting My Star Wars Life Debt.If you have enjoyed this blog, please like/share/comment/follow.If you would like to contribute to the upkeep of the blog please visit the Patreon page here.

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