Klaud Facts

The true hero of the entire Star Wars franchise was revealed to us at ‘Star Wars Celebration Chicago’. His name is Klaud and he may very well be the greatest legend to come from a Galaxy far, far away.

What we didn’t realise is that Klaud’s reputation has preceded him and it turns out we are learning new facts about him almost daily.

If you learn any new and interesting facts, please send them to lifedebtpodcast@outlook.com and they will be featured here, as well as on The Life Debt Podcast.

Klaud never lets the Wookiee win.

Klaud is the bright centre to the universe.

Klaud doesn’t see thing before they happen, he’s already there.

Klaud loves you.

Klaud knows.

Klaud survived a direct assault on an Imperial Star Destroyer and won.

Klaud IS the Senate.

Klaud was the first to successfully navigate the Kessel Run. @CadBanesBounty

Klaud once poured salt on his baby brother Jabba. He doubled in size and said it really hutt. @PeteSkeet2

Klaud, ALWAYS has a good feeling about this. @joshuarowe24

Klaud tells 3PO the odds. @joshuarowe24

Klaud threatens good motivators with nothing more than a stare. @CadBanesBounty

Klaud farts tibanna gas and sweats coaxing. @CadBanesBounty

By @PeteSkeet2

Lando shot Klaud for fucking with his swag. @tarkintangents

Klaud shot first. @PeteSkeet2

Klaud drove Bor Gullet mad.

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