Speculation: The Mandalorian Season 2 and The Child

In the words of ‘Blue Harvest Podcast’, I’ve been doing some cockadoody speculating about season 2 of ‘The Mandalorian’, the reason for Moff Gideon’s obsession with The Child and perhaps even Ahsoka. Let me paint you a picture, at the end of Season 4 of ‘Rebels’, Thrawn and Ezra we’re blasted not Hyperspace, most likelyContinue reading “Speculation: The Mandalorian Season 2 and The Child”

Balancing the Force 6 – The World Between Worlds Part 2

WARNING!!! SPOILERS FOR ‘STAR WARS REBELS SEASON 4’! Thanks to Kyle, Marie and Nathan on the latest episode of the ‘Tumbling Sabers’ Podcast (listen HERE), my brain has been going over one particular concept that they discussed in regards to The World Between Worlds, which I wrote about in a previous post, Balancing the ForceContinue reading “Balancing the Force 6 – The World Between Worlds Part 2”

#CollectionCorner – My Lego Wish List

Since I returned to the Lego collecting at the end of 2015, there have been a handful of sets that I had wanted to see return, really so that I could get them at a more normal and much less inflated price, because that secondary market is a bit steep sometimes. This post really isContinue reading “#CollectionCorner – My Lego Wish List”

My Pre-Prequels Head Canon

Watching the Original Trilogy in the early 90’s, there was very little information on what happened before. All we really knew was what Obi-Wan told Luke. The Jedi Knights were guardians of peace and justice. When Obi-Wan met Anakin he was already a great pilot, was strong in the Force and they were best friends.Continue reading “My Pre-Prequels Head Canon”

Speculation: The True Cause of Padmé’s Death

“So the Emperor knows that. Instead of killing Anakin, what does he do? he seduces Anakin. To double the strength of the Dark Side. So what does the force do? It balances us. How? It gives us twins. Luke and Leia. Two and fu***ng two. Balance. And if you look at the movie through justContinue reading “Speculation: The True Cause of Padmé’s Death”

Speculation: The Future of Evil in the Galaxy

“Sources close to the movie say that Skywalker will at long last bring to a climax the millennia-long conflict between the Jedi Order and its dark shadow, the Sith.” Lev Grossman Vanity Fair Lets just take a moment to take those words in… The climax of the millennia-long conflict between the Jedi and the Sith. The SithContinue reading “Speculation: The Future of Evil in the Galaxy”

Life Debt Episode LX – Breaking News (Five Bloody Minutes Ago)!!!

The latest episode of the Life Debt Podcast is now live. You can listen to it HERE. This week I cover all of the ‘Rise of the Resistance’, Sith Trooper and D23 news from last week AND I ponder a ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ theory which Joshua Rowe (Jammed Transmissions Podcast) has created some funContinue reading “Life Debt Episode LX – Breaking News (Five Bloody Minutes Ago)!!!”

Life Debt Podcast Episode LIX – The Patience of Darth Sidious

The latest episode of the Life Debt Podcast is now live. You can listen to it HERE. This week I deep-dive a big theory about the role of Darth Sidious in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ and how it could all fit together from Episode 1 to 9. Big thanks to the Tatooine Sons Podcast forContinue reading “Life Debt Podcast Episode LIX – The Patience of Darth Sidious”

Balancing the Force 2: The Chosen One

“You refer to the prophecy of the one who will bring balance to the Force? You believe it’s this boy?” Mace Windu – The Phantom Menace Anakin Skywalker’s storyline in The Phantom Menace built to this moment. His piloting abilities, his intuition and his extraordinarily high Midichlorian count all pointed Qui-Gon Jinn to take theContinue reading “Balancing the Force 2: The Chosen One”

My Star Wars KOTOR Dilemma

When KOTOR was released to wide acclaim in 2003 I didn’t have the means to play it, I wasn’t much of a PC Gamer at that point, instead I had moved on to the Game Cube and was an avid player of the two ‘Rogue Squadron’ games for that console. Again the same in 2005Continue reading “My Star Wars KOTOR Dilemma”

Clone Wars Legacy – The Return?

When the twelve episodes of Season 7 of The Clone Wars come to an end, which will probably bring the series to its conclusion with at least three story arcs, including ‘The Siege of Mandalore’ there are a plethora of arcs they can choose from, the Boba Fett/Cad Bane arc, The Sith Temple arc, YodaContinue reading “Clone Wars Legacy – The Return?”

How I’ve Ruined The First Episode IX Trailer For Myself.

I was listening to some Star Wars Podcasts and they were talking about the rumoured Episode IX teaser we may be getting this month and my head went on a bit of a roller coaster of ‘What If’, and honestly I gave myself chills! Imagine, it would be much like the 2014 ‘Force Awakens’ teaserContinue reading “How I’ve Ruined The First Episode IX Trailer For Myself.”

#Collection Corner – Star Wars: Resistance and My Lego Thoughts

Now we have had some time to absorb the fun brilliance of Star Wars: Resistance I did some thinking about merchandise. We got some images of the 3.75 inch figures based on the series coming from Hasbro next year which gives me some hope for a wave of Lego sets based on the series asContinue reading “#Collection Corner – Star Wars: Resistance and My Lego Thoughts”

Lando and L3’s Reunion – The Empire Strikes Back

If you have listened to the Steele Wars Live Solo Reaction Show then you will have heard ‘Fanboys’ Director, Kyle Newman drop some absolute knowledge about L3 and her installation into the Falcon and what it means over the course of the Original Trilogy. If you haven’t heard it, visit THIS LINK and listen, itContinue reading “Lando and L3’s Reunion – The Empire Strikes Back”

What If… Qui-Gon Had Survived the Battle of Naboo?

Maul is pacing in front of the energy field, Qui-Gon Jinn is meditating. Obi-Wan is eager to finish the battle. The energy fields open up. Qui-Gon and Maul begin to fight again and Obi-Wan runs to aid his master. The eagerly field closes again, he’s so close. Maul and Qui-Gon are fighting. Maul hits Qui-GonContinue reading “What If… Qui-Gon Had Survived the Battle of Naboo?”

Speculation: Boba Fett – A Star Wars Story

This is all pure speculation for what I think could make a decent Boba Fett film. I’ve tried my best to keep the events as ‘in canon’ as possible. Title Card: By the age of 21, Boba Fett was one of the most notorious Bounty Hunters among the criminal Underworld, finding work with some ofContinue reading “Speculation: Boba Fett – A Star Wars Story”