My Star Wars (Life) Reviews: The Clone Wars – Season 4 Part 4

In the run up to the new season of Clone Wars, I am going to finally finish my rewatch of the series, of course finish my reviews. For the rest of the available episodes I am changing the format slightly, I will now focus on arcs as a whole rather than what I had beenContinue reading “My Star Wars (Life) Reviews: The Clone Wars – Season 4 Part 4”

#Collection Corner – Funko Pop! The Finn Collection

When Funko got the license for Star Wars they landed on a goldmine. Like Hasbro (and Kenner back in the day) they could make figures of so many different characters in so many different costumes. Just look at Luke in ‘A New Hope’, he has the farmboy outfit, the poncho, the Stormtrooper armour, the farmboyContinue reading “#Collection Corner – Funko Pop! The Finn Collection”

#Collection Corner – Rebels Pop! Vinyl The Inquisitors

When ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ started were introduced to a group of Dark Side users who were led by Vader and helped him hunt down the remaining Jedi, in the series they were known as The Inquisitors. Through Seasons One and Two we met four of them. Season One introduced us to The Grand Inquisitor whoContinue reading “#Collection Corner – Rebels Pop! Vinyl The Inquisitors”

Life Debt Podcast Episode XXXIX – Enter Rural Farmboy

The latest episode of the Life Debt Podcast is now live. You can listen to it HERE. This week I got recent Patreon member and Star Wars Podcast connoisseur, Anthony (Rural Farm Boy) on the show for an absolutely amazing Star Wars chat. Don’t forget you can purchase The Life Debt Holiday Special (aka TheContinue reading “Life Debt Podcast Episode XXXIX – Enter Rural Farmboy”

#Collection Corner – Captain Phasma Pop! Vinyl Comparison

Whilst my last ‘comparison’ was a little one-sided, this time around its being done a lot fairer. These two figures came out months apart. The first as part of the first ‘Force Friday’ even in 2015 as part of the first merchandise push for ‘The Force Awakens’. The second was a Smuggler’s Bounty exclusive fromContinue reading “#Collection Corner – Captain Phasma Pop! Vinyl Comparison”

#Collection Corner – Boba Fett Pop! Vinyl Comparison

As far as regular Boba Fett Funko Pop! Vinyl figures go I have managed to get hold of two out of three (I’m not counting the recent Smuggler’s Bounty Movie Moment from Bespin) and I’ve not been able to get the ‘Holiday Special’ White Armour Fett. But I have managed to get my hands onContinue reading “#Collection Corner – Boba Fett Pop! Vinyl Comparison”