Darth Vader: War of the Bounty Hunters Part 2 Review

The second part of the ‘Darth Vader’ run of ‘War of the Bounty Hunters’ is quite possibly my favourite of the whole run so far.

Set before and after Issue 13, the focus here is on Sly Moore rather than Vader himself. The former adviser to Palpating is cast aside after her failure to wipe Vader out in the previous arc. No longer in Palpatine’s favour, she looks for a way to return to his side.I’ll

After stealing the schematics for Vader’s armour and using her secret network of she gets the plans to IG-88. When the Bounty Hunter Droid returns after not killing Vader, the Dark Lord tracks IG to the meeting where Vader and Ochi wipe out Moore’s allies. Moore makes a deal with Vader and informs him of the Crimson Dawn auction for Han Solo, convincing him that Skywalker won’t be far behind. Vader tasks her with procuring Solo and delivering him to Vader.

When the auction goes sour, Ochi mocks Sly, informing her that Bokku is actually working for Vader and that he was playing the Hutt against Moore as Vader arrives at The Vermillion, killing the guards who attempt to stop him from entering.

Why did I like this issue so much? Well firstly, it’s the first issue that didn’t rely on flashbacks to the films, giving us a well crafted and interesting story about a character who we know very little about.

Sly Moore was a mainstay through the Prequel Trilogy and very little was known about her. Her backstory got some development in the ‘Legends’ timeline but once the Disney reset happened she became shrouded in mystery.

She’s a true agent of the Dark Side, using her cunning and deception to try and overthrow others, specifically Darth Vader, whom she is now adamant on killing to prove herself to Palpatine. Of course Vader had other machinations and to show his power over her sends her on a mission he will make sure she will fail.

This issue has reinvigorated my enjoyment of this series which I’m very pleased about, however I’m feeling trepidation as I move onto the next issue that we will end up getting more of the same, pages of unnecessary flashbacks to pad out what could be a really good story just to keep the page count up.

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