#CollectionCorner – Lego Duel on Mandalore

It feels great to be getting back to some building. It feels like it’s been a very, very long time since I built anything other than a mini-build and this was a nice little ice-breaker for 2022.

At 147 pieces for £17.99 (which isn’t a bad price all things considered), it’s a small and quick build. The pieces are split between two bags which aren’t numbered, it also has a small instruction booklet and a small sticker sheet that comes loose in the box.

The Ahsoka Mini-Fig is the same as the one that came with the ‘Armoured Assault Tank’ set. It is brilliantly detailed with Ahsoka’s design from ‘The Siege of Mandalore’ arc from Season 7 of ‘The Clone Wars’. Her head is reversible and has her cocky grin on the other side.

Like Ahsoka, this Maul Mini-Fig is based on his design from the final episodes of ‘The Clone Wars’ and Lego has really put the details in. His mechanical legs look great and his belt looks just like in the series. However, the open cheated shirt doesn’t really give off the same vibe on a Mini-Fig. The head is one-sided and comes with a “hairpiece’ which is made out of moulded rubber, unlike the last Maul Mini-Fig that came with the “Duel on Naboo” set a few years back.

The first build is the ancient prison box that The Mandalorians of old would use to imprison Jedi during their war. The build is fairly unremarkable, it’s a box that opens on a hinge.

However, the unremarkable build has a wonderful sticker that covers the whole front of the build which has an incredible amount of detail. The sticker covers a large clear window piece which allows us to see Maul’s eyes peeking through just like in the show.

The second part of the build is the Mandalorian Throne. The Throne is a raised chair with the walls and window at the back. The build isn’t incredibly technical, the play features are a window that falls open behind the Throne (very easily) and a drawer that slides open from within the Throne to reveal a hidden blaster pistol.

I really like how screen accurate the Throne is, and how effective the two plant pieces are as decorations on the wall. The brick built details are always great to see, especially on a set that, whilst it doesn’t have many stickers, is heavily reliant on them.

As I have said before when reviewing these ‘Duel on…’ sets, they are really well put together and fun little sets. That being said, the ones we have had previously have had more play features than this set, however, I feel that the price reflects that as the previous ‘Duel on…’ sets have been priced between £19.99 – £25.99 and come as one larger set with multiple play features. This isn’t a criticism of ‘Duel on Mandalore’, the set gives us two recognisable set pieces from the ‘Siege on Mandalore’ arc and the two duellists.

With two great Mini-Figs and, if not for playing then great for displaying items, and at a pretty decent price, ‘Duel on Mandalore’ is a nice little set that will surely become a classic one day.

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