Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters Part 5 Review

The final part of the ‘War of the Bounty Hunters’ arc in the main Star Wars run hits hard, ticks some boxes and gives a satisfying ending to the main heroes story.

Taking place after the events of the ‘War of the Bounty Hunters’ mini-series, Leia and Chewie are depressed at the loss of Han, believing him to be dead after he was sucked out of The Executor. As Lando is about to take the Falcon into hyperspace the ship is stopped by Qi’Ra’s ship, The Vermillion.

Qi’Ra invites herself onto the Falcon and requests to speak to Leia alone. Lando warns Leia to be careful leaving them to speak. Qi’Ra explains to Leia that she didn’t want the auction to go the way it did, in fact she wanted Han returned to the Rebellion but played a long game, essentially to get the name Crimson Dawn back into the Galaxy.

Qi’Ra offers to help Leia from behind the scenes, telling her that Han was saved by Boba Fett and taken straight to Jabba’s Palace and when the right time comes will use her agents to help get Leia, Lando and Chewie in the right place before returning to her ship, ready for the next step in her plans.

This is not the kind of conclusion to an arc that you would expect but it’s a fantastic one that answered a burgeoning question posed by fans after ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ came out, “What would happen if Qi’Ra and Leia ever met?” And the answer was not disappointing.

Pitting Leia and Qi’Ra against each other in a conversation was truly a feat of genius by Charles Soule. The whole premise is simple and unexpected but it works so well. I love the games Qi’Ra plays, essentially keeping blithe news that Han is alive until the very end. Leia even asks if Qi’Ra is trying to manipulate her, and quite possibly she isn’t doing so intentionally but at this point in her life it’s just natural for her.

The Lando storyline feels like it takes a step backwards after last issue. He’s going back to his older ways. trying to play multiple sides to try and help Lobot, and whilst honourable, feels like the development to his character we got last issue was redundant. Hopefully this is just Lando being Lando in front of his friend.

It seems the only thing missing in this issue is the culmination of Luke’s part of the story, which I have a feeling will be told in the pages of the ‘Darth Vader’ part of the overall story.

Well what can I say, this has been an adventure, Soule really nailed this run as well as the main mini-series. The art has been wonderful throughout and I’m feeling pretty excited for seeing where the series goes next (and can we go and rescue Shara Bey yet).

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