Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters Part 4 Review

As Luke battles Vader ship-to-ship, he manages to trick his father into crashing on the planet Jakara. Given the opportunity, Luke attempts to help his friends but Vader manages to get his TIE Advanced into somewhat usable order and resumes the air conflict.

Meanwhile, Leia grows increasingly anxious that Han is soon to be in Imperial custody and with the Falcon and the Shuttle Han is currently on knocked out by Boba Fett’s Seismic Charge time is of the essence.

Lando manages to find a way to help get the Falcon running again but it’s tricky. The former Captain of the Millennium Falcon enters a tight access route to correctly reset the diagnostics computer, all the while talking to L3-37, apologising for leaving her.

Later, as the Hutt fleet converges on Han’s position and Chewie fixes the ship, Leia and Lando have a heart-to-heart where Leia, using Lando’s own philosophy against him, convinced him to join the Rebellion.

This issue really allows us to slow down and breathe for a moment. With Vader out of the fight, even for a moment, it gives Luke a chance to regroup mentally as well as the rest of the team on the out of commission Falcon who are taking time to fix the ship and allows Leia and Lando time to actually talk.

This issue really gives us some character development for Lando. Whilst still not the most trustworthy of characters is slowly dropping his rough, scoundrel exterior and giving us a real look at who he is on the inside, a flawed individual who has made mistakes, it’s a side of Lando we’ve never seen before and we’re starting to get the thread that connects ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ character to the ‘Return of the Jedi’ General Calrissian.

Luke, when not under attack by Vader, continues his reflection on the Bespin duel, and acknowledges Vader’s revelation is the thing that’s holding Luke back from facing him again. This, like with Lando is another step that gives us character development between ‘Empire’ and ‘Jedi’ where Luke goes through a lot of personal growth.

Whilst the issue is slower paced, it’s a necessary break in an action packed story that gives Soule the chance to make the connections between the last two films of the Original Trilogy, and with one issue left in this arc (for this title) I’m really intrigued where Soule and co. will take our heroes next.

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