The High Republic: Jedi’s End Part 4 Comic Review

Cavan Scott brings the comics in line with ‘The Fallen Star’ as ‘The High Republic’ comic series approaches its endgame.

On the ‘No-Space’ Station, the Jedi stop the deaths of many of the Nihil by sealing the hull after their own ships attacked the base, confused by the compassion shown by the Jedi, the Nihil surrender.

Meanwhile, Keeve gets between Avar and the injured Lourna Dee, stopping the Jedi Master from killing the Tempest Runner. Keeve tries to reason with Kriss who realises she was going too far and being drawn in by the Dark Side.

Later, with The Nihil prisoners on board the Ataraxia, the team arrive back at Starlight Beacon and Avar speaks to Stellan Gios, giving us a scene from ‘The Fallen Star’ from the opposite perspective. After the conversation an explosion tears through Starlight Beacon and damaging the Ataraxia and many of its systems.

The Jedi manage to latch the ship onto the Space Station and get inside only to be swarmed by people desperately trying to escape. The Jedi get them to safety before going deeper into the station and feeling the overwhelming effects of the creature known as The Leveller.

With one issue to go, the events of the comic is lining up nicely with the events from ‘The Fallen Star’ giving us a look at how it’s going from both sides of the Stellan/Avar rift and allowing us to get to see what the Jedi of the Ataraxia do when they reach the top half of Starlight Beacon whilst the Starlight crew are stuck in the bottom half.

I can’t deny I was hoping to see more conflict from Avar in this issue, her descent towards the Dark in the last issue was so well played out and her contempt towards Keeve was devastating, but here it takes very little for Avar to regain her composure whereas Elzar Mann had to go into a mini-exile after his lapse into the Dark in ‘The Rising Storm’ which he was still dealing with in ‘The Fallen Star’.

However, the action is not over yet. With the systems on the Ataraxia shit down and the prison cells open, I’m sure Lourna Dee will make a last ditch attempt to take out her Jedi captors or die trying.

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