The High Republic: Jedi’s End Part 3 Comic Review

O.K. So that happened…

It’s a full on Jedi assault on the Nihil base of ‘No Space’ with Master Avar Kriss leading the charge.

And she’s brought friends, Sskeer is back on as good a form as he can be, lightsaber in hand and Keeve, sent by Sskeer to keep an eye on Avar as she makes her way through Nihil like they were bugs and she was scar windshield.

After Avar kills Zeetar, out of his mech-suit, Kwe’ve realised that Master Kriss is not exactly following the Jedi way, she confronts the Master and the two of them briefly square off against each other as Keeve tries to reason with Kriss, the Marshall of Starlight Beacon.

Her attempts are thwarted by an explosion, knocking the young Jedi unconscious, leading Avar to face off against her nemesis, Lourna Dee, who has stolen Zeetar’s mech-suit.

As Nihil ships begin to fire on The Great Hall, Avar and Lourna battle and Dee is soon out of the suit but uses the lightsaber stolen from Terec. The inexperienced Twi’lek is soon bested as Keeve wakes up to see Avar cut off the Tempest Runner’s hand and is about to strike her down.

I was completely unprepared for this issue.

Scott and the returning artist, Ario Anindito absolutely floored me with how good this issue is. Once the Jedi arrive and board ‘No Space’ the pace is unrelenting as we literally follow Avar Kriss’ path of destruction and she wipes out Nihil soldiers left, right and centre. Her only words “Take them.”

Keeve is the only person in her crew that has any chance of helping the wayward Marshall after having gone through the apparent turn of her own Master, Sskeer. And despite her trepidation’s about her place within the Force, she tries to reach Avar.

However, given everything that has happened throughout Phase One of ‘The High Republic’, what The Nihil have done to the Galaxy and the toll it has taken on Avar, it’s not hard to fully understand why she is doing what she is doing. This isn’t revenge in her eyes, it’s justice. So far, imprisonment hasn’t done the Jedi any good in making headway with The Nihil. Every victory is sullied when the Pirates come back stronger each time and more and more lives are lost.

I couldn’t pick just one image from the issue. Both of these resonated with me and really shows Avar Kriss’ descent towards the Dark Side. The battle started and she was with her team, the Jedi. Fighting together for the good of the Galaxy with Avar Kriss, Marshall of Starlight Beacon leading the way to bring light to the Outer Rim and the second, she’s alone, stood over her nemesis, Lourna Dee, whose death, Avar believes will end the scourge that is The Nihil. Having already escaped capture before, Lourna Dee is probably better off being killed, like Mace Windu once said about Palpatine, she is “too dangerous to be kept alive.”

With only two issues to go before the series goes on hiatus until October and the events of ‘The Fallen Star’ fast approaching, I’m loving the direction Scott is taking us. Anindito’s return is welcome. I liked Jeanty’s art work over the last couple of issues but Anindito is truly a master in this era of Star Wars.

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