War of the Bounty Hunters Issue 4 by Charles Soule

So, at the beginning of the script for this issue, I can imagine a little hand written note at the top saying, “Hi, I’m Charles Soule and I’m about to teach you how to cram so much story into twenty-five pages and do it without ruining the issue.”

With Vader about to bisect Han, Luke admits he’s not ready to take Vader on in combat but lures Vader out into his TIE Advanced Fighter for a spot of aerial combat. Meanwhile, General Romodi oversees the transportation of Solo to The Executor.

Boba Fett, about to liberate Solo is distracted by the arrival of Dengar and Valance (from the ‘Bounty Hunters’ series which I’ve not read). After dispatching Dengar, Fett convinces Valance to join him in getting Solo from The Empire. Lando, Leia, Chewie and C-3PO are on board the Falcon with the same plan but it soon goes to pot after Fett disables them with a Seismic Charge before the arrival of the Hutt Fleet, led by the youngest member of the Hutt Council, Bokka who is planning on getting Solo back to save face after Jabba allows The Empire to take his prize.

Oh, and Qi’Ra has something up her sleeve.

This issue really has the pacing of a speeding bullet and it’s great. Soule is ramping up to the finale of this mini-series and all the pieces are slotting into place.

We get to see Vader’s obsession with finding Luke on full display, Luke’s ability to convince his father to attack him in ship-to-ship combat just shows Vader’s desperation to getting hold of Luke. Whether it’s to try and overthrow Palpatine or allow his Master to train Luke is yet to be seen, but with Vader displeased with Palpatine’s inner-circle it’s hard to know right now.

I’m really enjoying the Hutt Council politics. Bokka is truly a pain in the you-know-what, I can honestly say that his over-eagerness is a problem and will lead the Hutts into a very precarious position, especially now that Bokka is seemingly leading them into fight with The Empire.

Overall an incredibly solid issue. Soule is really pushing us to what could be a phenomenal conclusion and I’m very much looking forward to dive into it (in a few minutes).

Come back tomorrow for my review of “War of the Bounty Hunters” Issue 2.

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