The High Republic: Jedi’s End Part 2 Comic Review

The second part of the arc slows the actions down and focus’ on the drama as the series starts to head towards is conclusion.

Back on Starlight Beacon, Avar and Keeve are frustrated by the lack of action the Council wants to take against The Nihil. Kriss, who is taking the decision incredibly personally wants to stop as nothing to finally put an end to the supposed Eye of the Nihil, Lourna Dee.

Keeve, wracked with guilt over the fate of Ceret and Terec, finally confronts her former Master, Sskeer who finally reveals that his dwindling connection to the Force is based on Trandoshan physiology, that keeping his rage bottles up has caused something in his brain to push the Force away which is why his anger keeps getting the better him. Keeve manages to convince him to join her and Avar on a secret mission to finally take down The Nihil.

We also find out what happened in the aftermath of Lourna Dee’s escape in the previous issue, with Avar stripping Sskeer of his lightsaber and essentially revoking his status as a Jedi Master after he took out a number of Nihil ships in the previous issue. It’s a decision she doesn’t take lightly and part of me suspects that her actions were fuelled by her own anger after she wasn’t strong enough to stop Dee’s escape.

The writing is, once again, top tier. Scott really let’s us get into the characters and understand where they are coming from. The level of frustration is palpable and it’s shaking them all to their core and for very different reasons which adds some great depth to the situation.

Where the writing is top tier, however, the art in places doesn’t hold up for me in the same way as Anindito’s. The change in artist a this juncture feels like a bad idea as the style change feels jarring in places. This isn’t me saying that Jeanty’s art is bad, far from it, but the change from Anindito at this late point in the series’ run feels strange.

Dialling up the drama for this issue really let’s the audience feel how the Jedi are feeling. The Nihil have gone from a band of pirates to a very genuine threat over the course of the series and now the Jedi are dealing with that threat and it’s shaking them to their very core.

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