The High Republic: Jedi’s End Part 1 Comic Review


What an issue!

With Keeve, Terec and Ceret incapacitated by the effects of The Leveller, Avar Kriss and Sskeer leave The Ataraxia and head down to help the undercover Jedi.

Sskeer is hell-bent on saving Keeve, despite Avar reminding him that connections are forbidden, as well as not to kill anyone whilst piloting his Vector, which he ends up ignoring and manages to blast away a bunch of Nihil ships.

We still don’t understand why Sskeer’s connection to the Force is diminishing, however, it has certainly affected him and changed his perspective. He’s more willing to do what just be done rather than hold back, which is a great character development, however, Avar believes that this is Sskeer continuing down the path of the Dark Side that he was led down with his connection to The Drengir.

Another incredible aspect of the issue is in the first few panels with Keeve, being affected by The Leveller as she repeats the phrase “There is no fear.” Until she eventually gives in, saying “There is only fear.” Whilst she may not be a completely devout Jedi, this really goes to show what The Leveller can do, other then the calcification that happened to Loden and started to happen to Ceret who is now in the Med-Bay of the Ataraxia.

The events of this issue do a great job of setting up the upcoming rivalry between Avar Kriss and Lourna Dee, which I hope will develop into a full blown personal war. Dee’s status in The Nihil makes her practically untouchable, but Kriss seems to have other ideas, especially at the end of this issue where she is using the Force to stop Dee’s shuttle from escaping.

Jeanty continues to throw some beautiful art out way, and manages to show us a totally new side of Sskeer, I won’t hear anyone say that we didn’t want a Jedi Trandoshan doing a superhero landing in any form of Star Wars media, and this panel of our favourite reptilian Jedi Master showcases his bad-ass side as he dives almost head first into a whole batch of Nihil grunts and performs a saber technique that would make most Jedi jealous.

Scott’s writing is really ramping it up in this issue. Lourna Dee is just so commanding and scary, his use of repetition brings the terror of The Leveller to a whole new level. Witnessing the brother Ceret and Terec losing their connection to each other, and possibly even dying (it could be a deep meditation state so watch this space) and bathe building anger in Avar Kriss. Damn it gave me some goosebumps!

This is just the first part of the new story arc, and if this is how it starts I can only wonder how it will end because there are some incredibly high stakes, especially as we move towards the third and final wave of Phase 1 of ‘The High Republic’.

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