The High Republic: The Shadow of the Nihil Part 2 Comic Review

Things are heating up for Keeve and Terec as their cover is blown by the captive Hutt and the arrival of the supposedly dead Lourna Dee brings a whole new set of problems when she unleashed the weapon that killed Loden Greatstorm.

Did anyone really think Keeve and Terec were going to get through this undercover mission without any problems? Of course not, but luckily for them, the Jedi Starcruiser, Ataraxia is on its way to their location with reinforcements and a score to settle.

Keeve spends quite a bit of time trying to maintain her Jedi sensibilities, and luckily through circumstances her and Terec manage to keep their cover and avoid killing Myarga but when the Hutt blows their cover despite their efforts is when the proverbial hits the fan, Keeve and Terec draw their lightsabers as they are blindsided by Lourna Dee. Luckily, Terec’s brother Ceret is able to communicate all of this to Avar Kriss using the brothers’ force connection, however the connection breaks when Terec is incapacitated by Dee and reveals The Nihil super weapon, The Great Leveller, however it’s power doesn’t seem to affect Keeve or Terec, but instead begins to calicfy Ceret.

O.K. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, this is one tense issue. The pacing starts at a reasonable stride, taking us through the story but once the Jedi’s cover is blown then it’s all out frantic overload. Lourna Dee arrives, injures Terec, kills Myarga (no real loss but must suck for Keeve after trying so hard to keep the Hutt alive) and then all absolute hell breaks loose when The Leveller is revealed.

And on top of all of this, we’re getting so close to the answer as to why Sskeer’s connection to the Force is diminishing, but of course that’s only teased and I’m sure we’ll find out more in a later issue because that could be an interesting side-story. I have a theory that, because Trandoshan physiology allows them to regenerate limbs, his Force sensitivity could be waning as his body heals after losing an arm during the events of ‘Light of the Jedi’. However, it’s most likely something less simple and more cool.

Cavan Scott and new artist George’s Jeanty really ramp it up in this issue, and the reveal of Lourna Dee, which I’m sure is her first appearance in the comics is astounding and really stood out to me. Jeanty manages to make the Twi’lek leader seem imposing in and out of her armour and Scott writes her just as well as in the AudioDrama, ‘Tempest Runner’ which may not have been my favourite of ‘The High Republic’ stories but Lourna was well written.

Luckily I have the next issue primed and ready to go, so I don’t have to wait to dive back into the story. Although I’m not pleased we have to wait another week for the next part!

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