‘Tis The Season To Build Lego 2021 – Day 13

The run-up to Christmas has arrived and with it the all important Advent Calendar.

Once again, my Wife, the Saint, the Expert Gifter, the Gift-Giving Goddess has got me the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar and with it she has, once again, also given all of you dear readers 24 days of Blog Posts.

Day Thirteen, as predicted, is the Imperial Scout Trooper… I’m really going to have to stop making predictions because it’s starting to get scary.

I’m surprisingly happy about this Mini-Fig, sure it’s just another trooper, but this one looks stunning. The detail on the torso and legs just pops, and I do t think it’s just down to it being a black and white design. The helmet is also really well made, it looks to me that Lego have made this one as a dual mould with the black and white elements being moulded separately and put together when ready. This technique has been used on the Imperial Stormtrooper helmets for a couple of years now and those look phenomenal and the technique has certainly worked wonders for the Scout Trooper.

So, based on the box art, I think it’s safe to say that tomorrow’s build will be the Imperial Speeder Bike, which I doubt will come with Grogu as shown on the box. I expect him to come with the hover-pram build.

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