CollectionCorner – January 2022 Lego Reveals Part 2

We’ve got more reveals for the upcoming wave in January!!!

Whilst none of these are bank breaking additions to any collection, a highly anticipated Microfighter set, a very welcome Battle-Pack, another Battle Pack that fits with the theme of this first Wave of sets and a surprise addition to the BrickHeadz series, January is starting to possibly look a little pricier that I had originally intended.

First up, ‘The Razorcrest’ Microfighter, which has been in high demand since ‘The Mandalorian’ first hit our screens. Unfortunately, we’ve had to wait this long for it to come out, and double unfortunately, it’s not a good looking set.

Most Microfighters have been lucky in their design that they usually don’t look half-bad, some actually look pretty damned good (check out The Ghost), however, on a purely visual basis, I won’t be giving this one the time of day. It really doesn’t look that good, which is really unfortunate because when I heard this was a possible release I was raring to go for it, it’s ‘The Mandalorian’, my love for the show makes me feel obliged to buy the merch. But I think I’ll put that £10 aside and save it for a different set somewhere along the line.

On the other hand, this ‘Clone Trooper Command Station’, which looks like a miniaturised version of the Forward Command Centre from ‘Attack of the Clones’ is one that I will be shoving people out of the way to get my hands on.

Firstly, the build looks great. The console and Blaster Rack are well designed and as I said before, that console was used during the Battle of Geonosis, which is rare for a Battle-Pack to be based on an actual item from the films, mostly they are designed directly by Lego.

One thing that is different from previous Battle-Pack is that this one comes with only three Mini-Figs rather than the usual four but I’m not complaining. In fact I’m just as excited, because these will be the first Lego Clone Troopers I have ever owned and that makes me just a little excited.

The final set reveal is ‘The Defence of Hoth’ Battle Pack, featuring a diverse cast of three Rebel Soldiers, two blaster cannons with generator packs and a mini-version of the 1.4 FD P-Tower (thanks Wookieepedia for the name). As an army building set it’s pretty decent, and the builds look good, however it’s not a set that is wowing me just yet.

And finally, one last thing that snuck under the radar is the newest Star Wars BrickHeadz, Ahsoka from the final season of ‘The Clone Wars’. It’s decent looking but I’ve never been a big fan of this line, even after trying the Mandalorian and Child set a while back.

Overall, this isn’t a bad first wave of sets, though after some careful consideration, I will only be rushing out to buy the two Battle-Packs in January. I’ll certainly be avoiding ‘The Razorcrest’ Microfighter and I’m going to wait for the already well priced ‘Hoth AT-ST’ to drop in price a bit before I commit (already owning three AT-ST sets notwithstanding). In terms of the three Battle Packs I’m definitely going for the Clone Troopers and the Snowtrooper Battle Pack, but the Rebel Hoth Troopers aren’t jumping out at me right now, although that may change when I see it on the shelves.

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