Thrawn Ascendency Book 3: Lesser Evil Audiobook by Timothy Zahn Spoiler Free Review

I won’t lie folks, it’s very rare that a book affects me on a huge level. Not since ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ and I read *THAT* scene and launched that time across a room because I was so emotional.

Listening to ‘Lesser Evil’, I had some very vocal responses. Luckily I was in my car for the most part so no one heard my reactions, but they were loud, and full of excitement and wonder.

‘Thrawn Ascendency: Lesser Evil’ is the conclusion of Timothy Zahn’s second trilogy set in the canon timeline, a trilogy that has taken us into ‘The Chaos’ and allowing us the chance to learn about The Chiss Ascendency, how it is made up, how it operates and functions as well as allowing us to see Mitth’raw’nuruodo in his natural habitat rather than navigating the known Galaxy as part of The Galactic Empire.

For readers of Zahn’s first canon novel ‘Thrawn’ have a good idea where this novel will lead, however, it’s not the destination but the journey that makes a great story and this book is one heck of a journey. Not going into much detail, Zahn manages to make this story work exceptionally well and whilst Thrawn is central to the plot, he spends a considerable amount of time working in the background, allowing Zahn’s newer characters to really take control and drive the narrative forward. Part of me is hoping that this was a way of gauging the audience to see if a novel set within the Ascendency and continuing the stories of Ar’alani, Samakro and even Thalias without Thrawn as a central character. And given how great this book is then I wouldn’t be surprised if Zahn brought us some more stories from within The Chiss Ascendency in the future.

As the final part of a trilogy, Zahn really crafts an amazing story that, as I said earlier, ties up the loose threads of the precious books, and provides us with a satisfying conclusion that feels right and also leaves us wanting more, not in terms of this storyline but more from Zahn set in this world. Like ‘The High Republic’, the ‘Thrawn Ascendency’ Trilogy hasn’t relied on events from the main Star Wars narrative. Events have been mentioned, including ‘The Clone Wars’ and events from ‘Thrawn: Alliances’ but life in ‘The Chaos’ can easily distance itself from the events in ‘Lesser Space’.

The audiobook is, of course narrated by Marc Thompson, who is a master of the craft. His ability to work so many voices into the story really gives the listener the ability to easily differentiate the characters with the strange names. At first some of the choices were a bit odd to me, but now I shall forever associate Samakro with Jack Nicholson, and Thompson’s voice for Thrawn is so perfect that if Lars Mikkelsen ever chose not to voice the character again, then Thompson could easily take on the role.

‘Thrawn Ascendency: Lesser Evil’ is the kind of (audio)book that you can’t put down. As it twists and turns there is so much to absorb and when it all comes together in an explosive confrontation, the excitement levels reach higher and higher. I was very loud and very vocal during the last couple of hours listening to it, through shock, excitement and awe at the brilliance.

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