Dark Horsing Around

When it was announced in September that Disney/Lucasfilm had withdrawn the Star Wars licence from IDW it came as a bit of a shock.

IDW had been publishing the popular “all ages” title ‘Star Wars Adventures’ which featured stories from across all eras of the saga and written by some pretty big names in Star Wars publishing.

Whilst I hadn’t really read much of them aside from the first collected edition until earlier this year, their popularity was huge, and some pretty groundbreaking moments, including the canonical naming of Terbus the Porg (named by members of the podcast Tatooine Sons), some of the first post-‘Rise of Skywalker’ content and the ‘Vader’s Castle’ Anthologies of Horror Stories set in the Star Wars Galaxy. Not to mention the recent ‘High Republic Adventures’ which has been insanely popular with fans of ‘The High Republic’ and brought us some new iconic characters (Buckets of Blood anyone).

However, the move to Dark Horse doesn’t spell doom for the comics. According to the official announcement over at starwars.com states that there are a handful of projects in the works, starting in Spring 2022. One of the first being a new ongoing series set during ‘The High Republic’ and another Anthology series that will tell stories across the full breadth of the franchise.

To me, this sounds like we will be getting the Dark Horse versions of both the series that IDW have been publishing, hopefully continuing the stories with the same creative teams who have been absolutely killing it on their respective titles.

And it’s not like Dark Horse hasn’t got any experience with Star Wars, until 2015 when Marvel took over the licence, Dark Horse had been publishing Star Wars comics since the early 1990’s, starting with the critically acclaimed ‘Dark Empire’ series and went on to publish various series, including the long running ‘Star Wars: Republic’ series that ran from 1999 to 2005, telling stories set during the Prequel era, including The Clone Wars, giving us some amazing characters such as Quintana Vos and Aayla Secura, both of whom were picked by George Lucas to be part of the films and ‘The Clone Wars’ series.

My only hope (see what I did there) is that Dark Horse makes their Star Wars content available on Kindle/Comixology in the UK, unlike IDW who only produced physical media (for Star Wars anyway) in this country which made getting hold of the comics a bit of a nightmare for me (it’s all about me right), involving a whole rigmarole of changing my location on two Amazon sites and paying currency exchanges through my bank in order to get an issue every month, then having to reverse it (which for some reason proved harder) if I wanted to buy anything else that month.

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