The Book of Boba Fett Trailer Thoughts

The hype train for ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ has left the station folks, thanks to that minute and a half of wonderful Temura Morrison filled content.

When it comes to trailers for Star Wars content, at this point it’s not a way to get me hyped, I can do that all on my own, rather, it’s more about just getting to see something, even a glimpse of footage and maybe get an idea of the feel of the film/series.

Given Boba’s part in ‘The Mandalorian’ and how the character was shown, I was already on the hype train, I love how, in his time post-Jedi in the Tatooine desert has altered his perspective. He doesn’t come across as that mysterious Bounty Hunter now, rather a more matured and, despite his brutal fighting abilities, more likely to try and talk you down rather than disintegrate first and ask questions later.

And that’s definitely carried over into this trailer. As Boba says “I intend to rule with respect.” The team-up of Favreau, Filoni and Rodriguez worked wonders in ‘The Mandalorian’ when the latter helmed the reintroduction of Fett in ‘The Tragedy’ and showed us how great Fett can be in this new era of Star Wars storytelling.

Having been a fan of Robert Rodriguez’s films for quite a while (in fact a Special Feature on the ‘Once Upon a Time in Mexico’ DVD was what convinced me to become a filmmaker), seeing his name on any Star Wars title was exciting, let alone him getting his own series. Knowing his own passion for film, I can only imagine what has influenced this series.

One such possible influence, in my opinion, is ‘The Godfather’. The scene where Fett and Shand are at the table with Jabba the Hutt’s former Captains is reminiscent of the sit-down meeting of the different families from that cinematic masterpiece.

Based on his previous body of work, I have no fear that Rodriguez will handle the action brilliantly, we’ve already seen what he can do with the character in action, taking the short fight description in the script for ‘The Tragedy’ and creating a battle of epic scale. It’s the quieter moments I’m now looking forward to. The aforementioned sit-down scene looks to be a pretty major moment for Fett and Shand, who at no point in the Trailer is far fromBoba’s side. I really get the feeling that, despite her being indebted to Boba, their relationship is and will continue to be based on mutual respect. This isn’t going to be a Jabba/Bib Fortuna style relationship. Whilst he will be the crime lord, she will command just as much respect.

The classic, gangster film vibe of the trailer will hopefully be a mainstay for the series. It seems like it will continue the trend that the two ‘A Star Wars Story’ started, with ‘Rogue One’ being a war film and ‘Solo’ being a heist film, ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ could take the mantle of being the full on gangster film, taking on elements of ‘The Godfather’ and even have a modern feel, perhaps like ‘The Sopranos’ which more modern audiences may feel more at home with.

However the series plays out, the Trailer has certainly piqued my interest more than it already was, and with the launch coming up fast at the end of December I doubt we will be seeing much more in terms of footage, maybe a few extra minutes on Disney+ Day, but the rumours for what we’re getting that day (other than the Boba Fett Featurette) are pointing a bit further ahead in the upcoming schedule when it comes to that.

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