#CollectionCorner: Lego Imperial Armoured Marauder

In my house, when it comes to buying stuff we have a rule, “If you’re not sure then leave it.” This rule usually works out for us and the feeling of buyers regret quite a bit.

However, with this set I went back and forth with myself on whether or not I really wanted it. Even after buying it (before building it) I really wasn’t sure I had done the right thing…

The box contains the instructions and four bags of pieces (for the size and price I was expecting three bags). The set doesn’t require stickers either, but comes with a small amount of printed pieces.

The first bag constructs the core of the vehicle, it’s got very little in the way of details but that’s pretty much the case for a lot of sets.

The first bag also gives us the two new Mini-Figs that are exclusive to this set, the Season Two version of Greef Karga complete with blaster pistol and the newly introduced Artillery Stormtrooper, with new yellow printing and a yellow Paulson that also comes with a brick-built backpack and brick-built grenade launcher as seen in ‘The Mandalorian’.

The Second Bag adds the details for the sides of the rear section of the Marauder, both sides are identical and include rotating cannons and hinged flaps that open and close on storage areas.

The Third Bag essentially doubles the length of the vehicle by adding front compartment which also includes the cockpit which opens at an angle and includes printed parts as the controls. The side of the cockpit also has two Stud Launchers.

This Bag also includes the final two Mini-Figs, the Stormtroopers. Each includes a Blaster Rifle and feature the double sided printing on the torso and the dual moulded helmets we’ve been privy to for the past few years.

The build is finished with Bag Four, which adds the roof, side doors, rear door and the rotating cannon on top, which features two more Stud Launchers.

The finished build looks phenomenal. The level of detail is just fantastic. I really love the little details that just add to the look of the build. The Stud Launchers feel a bit too bulky for the rear cannon, but work better than a pair of missile launchers which would be far too long. However, this isn’t one of those 18+ builds that have been coming out recently and is instead aimed at a younger audience so the play features add the fun.

My biggest gripe here is the Mini-Fig selection. Firstly, the Artillery Stormtrooper isn’t even from the episode which features the Marauder and would probably feel better in the recent “Boba Fett’s Starship’ set. The Stormtroopers do fit with the set but one or both could have been swapped for a Scout Trooper. However, there are two characters that could have been included, Cara Dune and Mythrol. I’m not getting political here, but, seeing as Cara Dune is the one who actually drives the vehicle, a Season 2 Mini-Fig could have been included (but I’m sure that Lego has followed Hasbro’s example and has stopped production of her Mini-Fig after the whole Gina Carano debacle earlier this year). That being said, however, what did Horatio Sanz do to be neglected here?

For a price-tag of £34.99, I was expecting a lot less from this set, but with 478 pieces and four Mini-Figs, two of which are new prints, the price-per-piece ratio is fantastic for a Star Wars set. There’s great playability here and it’s a nice looking set to display (even with the bulky Stud Launchers).

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