#CollectionCorner: Lego The Armourer’s Mandalorian Forge

The Armourer’s Mandalorian Forge was a set I knew I had to get from its announcement. The Armourer is such a great character and the inclusion of Paz Vizsla just made it even more desirable.

At the RRP of £27.99, for 258 pieces and three Mini-Figs, two of which are new for this set, it’s not a price to scoff at really. It all comes in three numbered bags, with a long piece out of the bags, the instructions and the sticker sheet.

The first bag builds the forge itself, which looks really cool on its own. The details of the forge itself are made through a group of stickers that run around the top edge, the middle has eight small blue flame pieces that make the forge look absolutely roasting. The Armourer also gets a piece of equipment (essentially a box on a stick) in which to melt the block of Beskar.

The first Bag gives us two of the three Mini-Figs, Mando himself and The Armourer. I’m sure this is the same version of Mando that came with ‘Trouble on Tatooine’ but I could be wrong. He comes with the buildable Amber Phase Pulse Blaster and a blaster pistol, there is one addition I should note, which is the jet pack he is given at the end of Season One. The Armourer is a wholly brand new Mini-Fig and unless she is featured in Season 3 of the show, I can’t see her being released in any other sets. The printed details on the torso look great, her fluffy collar is even depicted on the back. She domes with a hammer and some buildable tongs as accessories that can be clipped to the side of the forge for storage. The helmet is a brand new mould and is well detailed, including the Zabrak style horns.

The second Bag builds the doorway into the forge, it includes a shelf on which an unpainted Mandalorian helmet sits on a shelf along with a small blade-like item. A sweeping brush is also clipped to the wall. It’s good to see that the Covert takes pride in their hideouts cleanliness. A pair of stickers featuring the Mythosaur skull emblem are above the door, one on each side, and I like how the designers have almost Lego-fied it to make it fit with the aesthetic.

Bag 2 also concludes the Mini-Fig selection with Paz Vizsla. It’s nice to get a different looking Mandalorian, the added armour and the buildable backpack and heavy blaster really makes this figure feel unique.

The Third Bag build the final part of The Armourer’s Forge, this part has a great amount of detail for such a small area. Firstly the tool cabinet is an interesting build that allows the cub board to open. The boxes at the bag also contain added accessories, in this case a blaster pistol, a pair of Thermal Detonators and some blocks of Beskar. The computer had a printed blue holograph of Mandalorian armour about to be made by The Armourer and the device that helps do something to the blocks of Beskar.

When put all together, ‘The Armourer’s Mandalorian Forge’ is a nice looking set. It’s got some great details that are great for fans of the show and the Mini-Fig selection is well chosen.

If I had one gripe it’s the overall shape of the build. The angles at which the three sections are positioned major it quite awkward to display on a shelf, but that design also allows all of the details to be on show rather than hidden away at a ninety degree angle, so either way I’d have a gripe about it (there’s just no pleasing some people), and they could have given Mando and Vizsla a small knife each to help reenact their tussle in Chapter 3.

Overall, the price-to-piece ratio and the Mini-Fig selection is great. It’s got a lot of playability for such a small set and has decent display value. In terms of the screen accuracy, the designers did a great job of taking memorable parts of the set and transferring them into this set. There isn’t one part of the design that doesn’t feel out of place.

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