#CollectionCorner: Lego AT-AT Set Review

In terms of excitement and ‘The Razorcrest’ near desperation, the ‘AT-AT’ was always a set I wanted but could happily wait, which is why I didn’t rush to buy this set in its initial release, instead opting to wait for my birthday this year…

And wait I did, as after another month and a half after being told it was on its way and then waiting for a refund to buy it again from a more reputable seller… needless to say when it did finally arrive my excitement was pretty high.

The biggest surprise was the size! The box was f%#+*€g huge. Not UCS set huge, or ‘Death Star’ huge, but almost. Opening the box, I was expecting a lot of bags… alas there were only eight sections, as well as the large instructions book but amazingly, no stickers.

The first bag, whilst giving us a pair of decent accessories and three of the six Mini-Figs could really have been separated into the rest of the bags to cut down on plastic (gotta look after the planet somehow) and reduce the size of the box (although the larger sets having massive boxes has always baffled me). The Speeder Bike and E-Web Blaster Cannon look great and are well built, the Cannon especially as an interesting building technique of using some gun accessories as feet which surprisingly works.

The first three Mini-Figs are Luke Skywalker in his Pilot gear, he comes with a lightsaber and a pair of thermal detonators. The two Snowtroopers look really good, I love the printed design and the little attention to detail where they have light brown gloves rather than standard black or white hands that other Stormtrooper variants have. Both come with the standard issue blasters.

Bags Two and Three lay the foundations for the body of the Walker. Bag 2 builds the core and Bag 3 adds the interior design as well as the chassis details and the mechanism that allows Luke to hold onto the grappling hook blaster that goes up and down.

Bags Four and Five complete the Walker’s body with some great brick built details and the various angles that give it some incredible screen accuracy. A nice addition is the opening hatch at the back that opens up to allow the Speeder Bike to sit inside, whilst not shown onscreen, this little detail is mentioned in the ‘Incredible Cross Sections’ books.

Bags Six and Seven build the legs and feet of the vehicle. I absolutely love how the legs look after the sixth bag, the core of the legs are built out of Technic, meaning they are pretty strong but they do look hilarious, especially with the large feet. Luckily the seventh bag rectifies that by adding the details using various plates.

Bag Eight finishes the build with the AT-AT’s head/cockpit. I’ll be honest, I thought I was missing a bag or two when I had all the pieces out but the designers really did a fantastic job of creating the walker’s cockpit in incredible detail with what felt like so few parts. There are a pair of flick-missiles on the underside of the head which are well hidden and unobtrusive.

The final Bag also includes the final three Mini-Figs for the set. We get General Veers I’m his armour with binoculars and two AT-AT Pilots, each with a blaster accessory. All of the figures have great printed details and look great. Despite never being seen stood up on screen, the level of details on the two Walker Pilots is great, the designers really do their research when giving us these characters with little screen time.

When fully built and on display, the AT-AT is seriously impressive. As you can seen the above picture, it towers over the Mini-Figs and would look incredibly imposing on display as part of a diorama. The play features are really fun, with the Speeder Bike addition as well as the missiles, the Walker also includes a grappling hook which is operated using a gear mechanism hidden inside the front panel of the body which allows players to have their Luke Mini-Fig to reach the chassis and open it up to throw in the detonators to win the battle.

It’s a really fun build, and a great looking model. I’m really glad I finally picked this one up and didn’t miss out as I’m sure it will soon be up for retirement. The £140 for 1267 pieces is good for a licensed set, of course with it being out for a while there are places it can be picked up for a bit less but price-tag truly represents the quality of the set.

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