Behind the Scenes, Remakes and the Other Stuff That Happened.

Hello there.

Remember me?

Been a while hasn’t it? Wish I could say it’s been a quiet couple of months but that’d be a bit of a lie.

Firstly, I’ll answer that burning question, “Where did you go?” Well, nowhere. Absolutely nowhere.

Second question, “Why did you go?” Well, as I got towards the end of July, I started to feel burned out. Not just with the Blog or Star Wars, but with a whole bunch of stuff.

Work was killing me, pushing almost 50 hours a week, working split shifts in a busy restaurant is good fun, but it doesn’t leave you with a whole bunch of free time, especially when you finish around 12am every day and just want to sleep afterwards. So I ended up falling behind on the Blog and Podcast and found myself feeling somewhat overwhelmed.

Add that to the realisation that when we reached September, my Daughter would be starting school and those hours I was working would pretty much mean I wouldn’t see her… not something that made me happy, luckily, through some fortuitous circumstances, I had a meeting which led to a trial shift which in turn landed me with a new job, which I have now started, with much more manageable hours where I now get evenings (I had forgotten what they were like).

Add in some troubles at home, mostly down the the fact that I was never home, the whole situation became a cluster-fudge where Star Wars got further and further to the back of my mind and I entered a world where I just needed pure entertainment, so two and a half months of me absorbing countless hours of non-Star Wars books, films and TV occurred.

Not to say that I kept my head buried in the sand when it came to the Galaxy Far, Far Away. I was aware of the news and some of the goings on (I also stayed off of Twitter for around 90% of that time away).

I didn’t watch the latest part of ‘Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian’ until last week, and when I did watch it I didn’t get the whole hype around the episode (of Gallery) other than the images of Mark Hamill holding Grogu. The secrecy around the making of that episode was astounding, but after twenty minutes of Filoni, Favreau and Hamill talking about keeping secrets and digitally deaging Luke Skywalker and then Favreau’s monologue of how technology can be used for bad things I was ready to throw my hat in until the last ten minutes brought me to tears in a geek way.

Of course, the biggest news over the last couple of months was the ‘Knights of the Old Republic Remake’ announcement…

Well, seeing as I don’t own a PS5 and that I’ve never been a big fan of the original game the announcement was a whole bunch of non-news, but the graphics on Revan looked pretty good, we’re this coming out on XBox as well I may have had some interest but I was more excited for the ‘Alan Wake Remaster’ announcement (my favourite non-Star Wars video game).

Yikes this all sounds a bit negative doesn’t it? Well, in a much more positive light, the latest wave of Star Wars Lego was released, and it’s the first wave in quite a while where I’ve wanted to just run out and buy most of the sets (not the helmets or UCS Gunship), although a trip to the nearest Lego Shop did result in Sara seeing the price of the UCS Millennium Falcon, say that the price is pretty reasonable and asked if I wanted it one day… but I’m sticking with my as-of-yet still unfinished Lego AT-AT.

Of course, the comics have been churning out, and I’m still way behind (still got to read most of July’s offerings) so a couple of months of catching up I lies ahead, which luckily means content, so for the next few weeks I’ll be plotting through older issues and books (just started Justina Ireland’s ‘Out of the Shadows’ audiobook). And soon, with the release of ‘Star Wars: Visions’ I’ll be focusing some attention of that series as well.

Unlike the Galaxy at the end of ‘The Last Jedi’, my spark has returned (and queue the music…

The Spark by John Williams

and now the content, like the Jedi, will return.

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