CollectionCorner – Sabine Wren Black Series Figure Review

Out of all the characters from ‘Star Wars: Rebels’, Sabine is the one who got some of the best character development throughout the whole series.

The quick witted, teenage Mandalorian graffiti artist turned heads with her brightly coloured armour and explosive hobby which makes her more than perfect to be immortalised in 6” of plastic.

Like the rest of the ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ wave, Sabine’s look is taken from Season 1, and she comes with her helmet (which is not being worn in the packaging), her two blasters and her paint spray/detonator.

The design is fantastic. All of the little details on the armour are spot on, even down to the flecks of paint on her legs and arms, the kind of details that could be easily overlooked.

The n the wrong hands, this figure could have looked a complete mess with all of the colours and designs. I remember having a 3.75 inch Sabine that was released in the ‘Rogue One’ packaging and (knowing that they are not the same level of detail) whilst it looked good for what it was, it just didn’t pop like this one. It felt muted and looking back, underwhelming. This one however, every colour blasts you in the face, the details are almost overwhelming but it never looks wrong or out of place on the figure.

Her accessories are also very well designed l, even down to the paint spray which is a great addition that could easily have been overlooked. Her twin Mandalorian blasters are also very well detailed and screen accurate, and ready to be kept in her two holsters.

The helmet, whilst not as streamlined as on screen, is built to fit on her head so that lack of accuracy doesn’t bother me, I think the only way that Hasbro could get around this is by having her head removable and have a neck joint in the helmet but that would take away display opportunities so I think that they made the right choice, and when it’s being worn by the figure it doesn’t look too big or too heavy.

The head sculpt looks great. Like the rest of the ‘Rebels’ wave, Hasbro have done a great job of making her look realistic rather than animated and she is instantly recognisable. The hair is well detailed and brilliantly coloured to match her onscreen look.

The artwork is stunning. The artist has really captured Sabine brilliantly here, her warrior confidence and her cocky personality that makes the character so great.

This is an amazing looking figure, and it does the character justice. The level of detail is phenomenal and has really set a high standard for me in terms of what to look for in a ‘Black Series’ figure.

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